Travel Preparation Guide – maitime travel

Travel Preparation Guide – maitime travel

This essential travel preparation guide contains all the facts on what you need to do before you visit South Africa.

You get useful travel tips and information on your passport and visa, insurance, airline requirements and luggage

Careful travel preparation is essential. Some advance planning and a proper check on what you need before you depart, may just save you unnecessary time and stress

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You’re flying to another country. So what are your basic requirements? 

Organise your travel preparation logically. Get a pencil and paper and make notes. You’re going to be away from home for a while and you don’t want to forget anything. 

First off: Your travel preparation should include the right passport information and making sure you have the correct documentation. 

Yes of course you have your passport, but for how long is it valid? and what about a visa? 

What is a visa? A visa is a stamp or a sticker in your passport, obtained at the consulate, or passport control of the country you are visiting, confirming that your passport has been validated and that you have right of entry to that country for a specific time. 

South Africa – visa enquiries USA visa enquiries You do not generally require a visa if you visit Cape Town or enter South Africa for tourism purposes and short business engagements, or if you are in transit. 

Travellers in other categories, such as academics, students on educational trips and volunteers, may need visas, or otherwise take the chance that they will be refused admission at the airport and returned to their country of origin. 

Visa enquiries during your travel preparation should be made at the Embassy or Consulate representing the country you are visiting. 

If you intend to work in South Africa for example, you’ll have to apply for a work permit at the local South African embassy or consulate.

Are you going to drive a motor vehicle? Make sure you obtain an international driving permit from your local authority. 

student card Students – qualify for cheaper airline tickets, discounts and various other benefits in many countries including South Africa. Apply for your International Student Exchange (ISE) card. Get your ISE Card Here Children: Your travel preparation should include evidence that you are the parent or guardian of a child in your care. 

You may have to provide documentary permission for the child’s travel. Many countries, including South Africa, have initiated these procedures at entry/exit points in an effort to prevent international child abduction. Making such documentation available even if you don’t need it, may just facilitate your entry or departure. 

Innoculations are not necessary unless your country is one where yellow fever is endemic. You would then be required to present your yellow World Health Organization (WHO) vaccination record or other proof of inoculation, on entry to the country you are visiting. 

Travel Insurance: This should form an essential part of your travel preparation and is an important issue to consider when making arrangements to visit any overseas country. Travel insurance essentials

Be certain that you have adequate travel and holiday insurance cover. South Africa has excellent medical facilities, but specialised medical care (in any country) could result in financial difficulties for uninsured travellers 

Be realistic. Don’t take chances. Purchase extra insurance cover as necessary. 

In your travel preparation include cover for emergency expenses such as a medical evacuation.. or death. Find out if your policy pays medical expenses overseas directly – or would you be initially responsible for the settlement. Some selected travel insurance options What luggage to bring: This depends on your country of destination, the season and what you intend to be doing. Cape Town for example is situated on the South Western tip of the continent and is well known for its changeable weather. The region experiences winter rainfall and the summer months officially run between November and February. 

Your travel preparation should include packing suitable clothes. Prepare for unseasonal colder weather than you had anticipated even in warmer months. 

In Cape Town you can get by with a warm coat and a rain suit in the colder months. Umbrellas are cumbersome in the wind. It can become uncomfortably hot in the summer months except when the ‘Cape Doctor’ wind is active. The summer evenings are cool. 

Generally you’ll find that lightweight clothes and a windbreaker, should be sufficient for a summer visit. 

Make sure that your travel preparation includes good quality luggage which is easily transportable. A suitcase with a grab handle and wheels is useful at airports when a trolley is inconvenient or not readily available. 

You want to have a comfortable flight overseas and your luggage should therefore be convenient to pack and carry. 

More useful luggage choices 

Be prepared for the sun: South Africa is a hot country and the U.V. sun factor is high in places. 

If you are not used to the hot sun, especially when you have fair skin, take precautions. Bring sun block and good sunglasses. 

If necessary your personal requirements, medication etc. can be purchased in local stores and pharmacies (drugstores). If you are on prescription medication, be sure to bring a copy of your prescription along. 

Important: Record details of your travel documents before you leave. Note credit card numbers, travellers checks etc. and write down procedures and telephone numbers in case of loss. 

As part of your travel preparation, make copies of your passport and other personal documents, and package separately. Nominate a trustworthy person in your home country to assist you should your documents be mislaid. 

What About Duty Free? The South African currency is the Rand.
You may bring gifts or souvenirs into South Africa duty free to the value of ZAR 400 approx at the time of writing. Duty is then levied at 20%. 

A minimum amount of wine, alcohol, tobacco products and toiletries is also permitted. 


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