Travel Pillows | Having Your Own Can Make Your Trip More Comfortable – trip co inc

Travel Pillows | Having Your Own Can Make Your Trip More Comfortable – trip co inc

“Traveling Can Be a Pain In The Neck. Find The Right Travel Pillows And Blankets For You”

“You Will Be Much More Comfortable”

Travel Pillows and blankets are some of the hottest selling travel acccessories right now. 

Were you surprised and disappointed on your last flight to find no pillows? 

Were you jealous of the passengers who knew to bring their own pillows and blankets? 

With record fuel prices and struggling economics, the airlines are looking for any way to reduce costs. 

The major airlines are trying to mimic the low cost carriers. One way they’re doing that is by removing all the pillows and blankets. 

The wall Street Journal recently reported that American and Delta have done away with pillows on domestic flights. Blankets are also scarce. 

They also reported that if you’re flying on United Airlines, the domestic coach-class blankets are washed only every twelve to fifteen days. Yuk! 

Having your own pillow and travel blanket is always the most sanitary option. 

Hi, I’m Pilot Paul. Welcome aboard. Our goal is to help you find the perfect travel accessories. 

You have many options for travel pillows. If you read on, you’ll discover which of many popular travel pillows is best for you. 

Your first travel pillow decision is whether or not you like the U-shpaed travel pillows. there are the ones that go around your neck and support your head in multiple directions. 

For reviews and recommendations of U-shaped travel pillows, as well as recommended places to get the best ones, click here on U-shaped travel neck pillows.


For more traditional (rectangular) style pillows, I’ve found a wonderful product for you.

It’s the memory foam contour travel pillow. 

This multi-purpose pillow serves three separate purposes. 

  • You can use it as a traditional pillow to help you rest while you’re traveling. 
  • The memory foam makes it a wonderful pillow for use in your hotel room. This will give you a consistent pillow everywhere you sleep. 

That way, if the hotel pillows are not your liking, it doesn’t matter anymore. With your memory foam pillow, you can count on always having a consistent, comfortable place to rest your head. 

  • It’s also a great lumbar support. It rolls up and fits into a cylindrical carrying case. It makes a great lumbar support. That way you can use it as a back support while you’re awake, and a head pillow for sleeping. 

To see reviews the recommendations of memory foam contour travel pillows, click here on memory foam contour pillows.

If You Want A Travel Pillow For Your Entire Body…

There’s a great travel pillow that comforts your entire body.

It’s basically an inflatable mattress that fits into an airline seat. 

I have one that I bring on long flights (when I’m a passenger, not the captain) as well as on car trips. 

For a complete review of these, click here on 1st Class Sleeper.


Now That You’ve Found The Perfect Travel Pillow…
Here’s A Solution For Travel Blankets”

If you’re unable to use one of the limited blankets on the plane or worry about when they were last cleaned, then you’ll love the Airline Comfort Set. 

This all-silk set includes a blanket, pillowcase and eye mask. 

This small luxurious silk set rolls up to the size of a mini umbrella for easy traveling. 

The Wall Street Journal rated this the best value for traveler’s pillows and blankets.(April 15, 2005. Page W11c) 

To learn more about this wonderful product, click on the link below: 

Here’s a Great Idea…
Use a Your Own Disposable Blankets

Plane Warm Travel Blankets 

Safe and disposable, PlaneWarm is the intelligent choice for healthy travel. 

Flying coach or first class, domestic or international … PlaneWarm™ is the high-performance, lightweight blanket you’ve been waiting for. Fly your colors, logo, seasonal messages and more in the most cost-effective way available. 

PlaneWarm™ is super soft to touch and does not pill and will not shed. It resists punctures and tearing, and weighs 30% less than woven blankets. 

PlaneWarm™ comes in packs of five blankets and are inexpensive. 

For more information, click on the link below: 


“Interested In Knowing All My Secrets About How To Get Really Comfortable While Traveling?

I’ve written an entire article where you can discover how to be as comfortable as possible and sleep as much as you can while traveling. 

To learn those secrets, click here on travel comfort.


Your 1st Class Sleeper ® Will Let You Enjoy First Class Comfort in Coach – trip co inc

The 1st Class Sleeper® solves a common problem-being too cramped to get comfortable. 

Do you look longingly at the comfort of the first class seats while you walk past them on the way to your coach seat? Well now with a First Class Sleeper®, you can enjoy the comfort of being in first class without paying for the seat upgrade. 

How? The First Class Sleeper® allows you the chance to stretch out and relax in comfort- even in a coach seat on a long flight.

This is a truly incredible invention. 

As an airline Captain, I’m proud to report that this was invented by one of my peers. 

Do You Have Trouble Getting Comfortable in Coach Seats?

Well, neither could Captain Bob Duncan. He was what we call “a commuter” in the airline business. That’s a crewmember who lives in a different city than where he’s based. He flies as a passenger to and from work. 

Like many people, he had difficulty really getting comfortable in coach seats. 

So Captain Duncan invented the 1st Class sleeper® . 

How You Can Make That Coach Seat As Comfortable As Possible


The 1st Class Sleeper® is basically an inflatable “bed in the clouds”. It is a full length seat liner. It serves to even out and pad the places where your body isn’t shaped like the seat. (Who’s is anyways?) 

You only partially inflate it depending on your size. It’s basically like an adjustable firmness air bed.

It only takes a few quick breaths (10-12). So it’s not like trying to inflate an air mattress or a beach toy. 

The partially inflated cushion serves to keep you aligned so you can relax without stiffness or pain. This allows you to stretch out better and relax more. 

You’ll arrive feeling better than you have before.

You can also use it as a terrific lumber cushion by folding it in half. 

In fact, the 1st Class Sleeper® has been endorsed by both orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors. 

The First Class Sleeper® flexible. On the plane, you can use it in coach, business, or first class seats. The 1st Class Sleeper will also help you get more comfortable in any car, train, bus or even a high-backed office chair. 

“How Easy Is It To Travel With A 1st Class Sleeper® ?”

Very. It’s surprisingly compact. It rolls up into a small package about the size of a travel umbrella. It comes with a draw-string pouch. This will easily fit into a carry-on bag or briefcase.

1st Class Sleepers® are also surprisingly light. Just a bit over a pound.

It’s also built to last. It’s made out of the same material that is used in waterbeds- heavy gage virgin vinyl. 

“What If I Get One And Don’t Like It?”

You’ll most likely fall in love with your 1st Class Sleeper® . Once they’ve tried one, most people have a hard time traveling without it.

But, in the unlikely event that it doesn’t work well for you, the company that I’m recommending that you get this from will take good care of you.

They have a 100% customer satisfaction policy. If you aren’t completely happy at anytime with something that you bought from them, they will make it right for you. 

To order a First Class Sleeper® and upgrade your seat with this one time cost (around $40): Click here.

Enjoy your sleep, I mean flight.

Note: Because an inflated 1st Class Sleeper® does make you ride a little more forward in your seat there are a few things you should know. The FAA won’t allow you to have it inflated for takeoff and landing. Also, using a 1st Class Sleeper® means that you’ll need a slightly longer seat belt. That’s because the belt must go around the inflated sleeper and you. Usually the installed seatbelt is adequate. If it isn’t, don’t fret- just discreetly ask the flight attendant for a seat belt extension and you’ll be set.