Top Potential Youngsters in the Premier League

Top Potential Youngsters in the Premier League

The Premier League is filled with seasoned talents that keeps the ball rolling and the trophies coming in. However, the summer transfer window has also paved the way to bring in young talents that made it to the first team and are more than ready to show their skills.

Here are some of the budding young footballers that are still in the infancy of their Premier League senior career with a sure ability to beat the ty le bong da.

Billy Gilmour

Gilmour is one of Chelsea’s finest, however, starting in July, he signed as a loan player for Norwich City. During last year’s Euro 2020, he made a stunning performance when he played for his national team Scotland in their match against England and also during the rest of the season.

Curtis Jones

Curtis Jones has been under the tutelage of Liverpool Academy and made his debut to the team in January 2019. Since then, he has caught the attention of the football supporters and has received a nomination for the European Golden Boy award. He has been known and praised for his amazing dribbling skills.

Harvey Eliott

Another Liverpool wonderkid joined this list in the form of Harvey Elliott. Described as one of the talented young forwards in the league, he has impressed a lot of people with his attacking ability. Being only 18 years old, he is the youngest entry on this list.

Bryan Gil

Gil transferred to Tottenham from his former club Sevilla FC with a worth of $29.4 million. Aside from building a strong career in Tottenham, he also played for Spain in international tournaments. He is known for his dribbling skills and frightening force which makes him the perfect player for one-on-one gameplays.

Emile Smith Rowe

Ever since Emile Smith Rowe arrived in the Gunners back in December, he has been a lucky charm of the team by helping them advance through the season. Although, not the luck but we can give credit to Rowe’s prowess and hard work that made the team invincible. He certainly can be a lucky charm too for football bets.

Phil Foden

Having won the Premier League, the League Cup, and the FA Cup makes Foden the most successful English footballer at a young age. Coach Pep Guardiola of Manchester City called him the most talented young player in the league right now.

Anthony Elanga

Elanga was just 19 years old but he has lofty ambitions involving his dream club, Manchester United. The club eventually made his dream a reality and in return, he has provided the club with incredible performances.

Kai Havertz

What’s commendable about Havertz is that he just only scored a winning goal in the finals of the Champions League while having only made his first debut in the tournament at that time. If that’s not impressive enough for a young footballer, I don’t know what is.

Bukayo Saka

Saka is not just a talent to watch out for in English football but also in the international tournaments. Aside from being a star in Arsenal, he also helped England to advance to their first finals in the Euro 2020.

Jadon Sancho

Sancho returned to Manchester United from the German club, Borussia Dortmund. While at Dortmund, he impressed a lot of people because of his skill to score a goal at a fast rate. Having returned to England, he will definitely make surprising demonstrations on his future appearances which will make him a perfect pick for prop betting odds.


The clubs in the Premier League may be impaired without their veteran players but it is the young ones that have the ability to turn things around. Of course, these young athletes need enough guidance and experiences to become better. They only need to be given an opportunity to show their talents.