Top 7 Modern Devices of 2021

Today, we cannot do without technology. We work online, play at a live casino online instead of going to real gambling establishments, and watch Netflix movies. Technologies are constantly improving, and here are the 7 devices that are aimed to improve your life.


Every year the number of environmentally conscious citizens who are concerned about the environment increases. They will appreciate the new gadget from Lasso. It’s a device for household waste recycling.


It is made in the form of a compact tank, reminiscent of a washing machine, in which you can put the waste plastic, paper and glass. It is essential to clean them completely of food residues before doing so.


The device determines the type of trash and the possibility of recycling, and if this is not possible, returns it back. The recyclable waste is steam-cleaned and shredded, and then stored in a separate unit for storage. Once the process is complete, you will receive a notification on your phone and will only need to order garbage collection. The device helps to save time when sorting waste and eliminates the need to frequently take out the trash or wash the bucket.


The smart tank is one of the most environmentally beneficial devices because it eliminates the need for extra waste sorting. More people will be able to take care of the environment. The manufacturer’s mobile app will help make more conscious purchases. You can scan the barcode of any product and be notified whether its packaging is recyclable or not.

Trova Home

This is an elegant safe that will be a real decoration of your home. It is a compact size, designed to store small items: watches, jewelry, banknotes, etc. the safe is divided into compartments for easy sorting. It’s perfect for hiding dangerous items, such as medicine, from children.


It is not a standard code that can be unlocked, but a special application.  The safe can be opened from your phone using the fingerprint sensor, pin code or face recognition function.

myQ Pet Portal

This is a compact door that is additionally built into the entrance door. It is equipped with cameras, IR sensors and microphones with speakers – they respond to the pet’s movements and eliminate the risk of getting stuck.


You can control the door from your phone to see if it’s closed or not, as well as to open it when necessary. You can buy a Bluetooth collar: if you put it on your pet, the door will open automatically when it approaches.


Such a system costs $3,000 or more, but that’s not the only cost. You have to pay a $200 subscription every year to have access to an application that stores your camera footage.

Mercedes Hyperscreen

This is a multimedia system for Mercedes luxury models that serves an entertainment function without distracting the driver. The artificial intelligence remembers the habits of the car owner, opens up sections and launches functions depending on the specific situation and individual characteristics of the owner.


The manufacturers claim that the system is able to remember information about 7 people, so it can be used by the whole family individually. If there is nothing on the front seat, the screen will simply turn on the screensaver


Three separate screens form a single 56-inch panel. It is tempered at temperatures above 600 degrees Celsius, so it is as shockproof as possible. However, break points are provided so that in the event of an accident, the system will not injure passengers.


The speed is provided by an 8-core processor and 24 GB of RAM. The application will be installed for the first time on the Mercedes EQS, which will start selling in 2022. The manufacturer calls the media system both the brain and the nervous system of the car.


The device is attached to the ears and creates vibrations that activate alpha waves, which are responsible for positive emotions and promote relaxation. At the same time, the beta waves that create feelings of anxiety are blocked.


It is recommended to use the gadget daily for at least 20 minutes a day. If used irregularly, the effect of the bandage is minimal. You can track your results through a special app on your phone.


Binatone has introduced a reusable mask that has a Bluetooth headset and a PM2.5 replacement filter. The mask has a five-layer cleaning system and meets all safety requirements.

Top 7 Modern Devices of 2021

To talk on the phone, you do not need to remove or move the mask, and your hands are free. When the headphones are not needed, they are fixed on a special magnetic mount and do not interfere with the owner.


The mask costs $50. It is a low price considering the lifetime of this modern device. The mask can be washed if you disconnect the headphones from it, the operating time of the headset is about 12 hours.

Square Off

A new chess board was introduced at the conference. It is made of a soft, flexible material, it can be rolled up into a roll and is easy to carry around. But in favor of compactness, the company dropped the self-moving pieces, and now users will have to move them on their own.


But it is still a smart board that can arrange a game with any opponent over the Internet, you can also play with built-in artificial intelligence.