Top 4 Intriguing Technologies for SEO and their Applications

Top 4 Intriguing Technologies for SEO and their Applications

When it comes to boosting up your position in the search engine or getting better traffic to your website, it is simply impossible to do without the help of SEO. Thus the vast world of SEO keeps improving in terms of new and beetroot technologies, which can help the SEO professionals to target efficient strategies and performance so that they can stay updated and up scaled all the time. So you need to know the important and efficient technologies for SEO and the application to know which will suit best to your SEO strategy. Have a look:

  1. Natural Language Generation for the short form of the contents

The NLG or the National Language Generation is one of the most efficient technologies that is used for SEO.  With the help of the NLG, the SEOs can build up meaningful sentences similar to natural language, which makes the SEO better digestible for the content and the readers.

NLG works with very smooth automation for all the tasks, and at the same time, it helps in polishing your content to make it more readable. For the short-form content, the NLG is a highly impressive technology that you can consider.

NLG comes up with a lot of use cases. With the help of, you can build up landing page text, blog introductions, Facebook text, meta description, email subject line, etc. at the same time; you can make use of its suggestions as an outline for your post. You can avail of the services from Dallas SEO to get the implementation of the NLG in your SEO for better and effective content creation.

  1. Natural Language Processor

With Google’s update of the BERT, the use of the NLP came to the forefront. It is one of the most used and a much helpful SEO technology that is being used in many cases.

It allows Google to no longer rely upon the specific words to the phrases that the users search for. Hence it helps Google to serve better answers to the searchers, and it enables them to look at the intent of the search.

To use NLP, you need to make the proper use of the informational content, which is very crucial.  You should focus on creating content that is of higher quality and answers properly to the search queries so that you can rank well.

  1. GPT -3

The GPT-3 is another one of the most popular and intriguing technologies for SEO on which you can rely upon for automated content creation. The Generative Pre-Trained Transformer Number 3 is quite efficient with its API, which has been trained with the large pool of the dataset, which can mimic how a human can write. It can make an efficient prediction for your topic and deliver you the content, which can be very impressive.

You can use the GPT- 3 for email writing. All you need to do is, offer some of the bullet points to outline what you want to cover in the email. You can also use it for the first draft.  You can create the first draft for your content, and then you can include further editing to it.

  1. Automated On-page content optimization

Automated on-page content optimization is another very useful technology for SEO. While you want to create a long-form of content, it takes a lot of time to do al;l the tasks manually. But with this technology, your task can become easier and faster with complete automation.

Instead of spending many hours creating content and doing the research for it, you can use automated on-page SEO tools. It will help you to shorten your time of the content at the same time; it can let you have a better value in your content.


When it comes to SEO optimization for your website and marketing campaign, you must know all about the effective technologies for the SEO, which are promising enough to help you minimize your tasks and maximize efficiency. Also, make use of those technologies which are quite trending now.