Toll Free Service Overview – asc communications

Toll Free Service Overview – asc communications

800easy is the complete communication solution designed for today’s mobile professional, home office user and small business. 800easy handles and redirects calls and faxes to keep you and your coworkers connected, even if on the Internet, away from the office, or unable to take the call. 800easy gives you a single toll free number to unify all your business communications.


800easy is the ideal way to manage all your messages and connect remote groups. Manage your calls, voice messages, and fax messages from the web or any phone, anywhere, anytime. Now with multiple mailboxes, you can manage telecommunications for your entire company, with extensions for all team members, no matter where they are. Make your business seem larger with virtual extensions for all your departments.


How it works


800easy provides you with a personal toll free number to take voicemail, send and retrieve faxes, screen and route calls to you and your colleagues. When callers phone or fax your private toll free number, 800easy automatically answers the call and handles the call appropriately – whether it’s to send the call to voicemail, route the call to you or receive a fax. If you’re online, a screen pop-up notifies you of the call and you can decide what to do based on the caller name and ID. 800easy can notify you via email, cell phone/pager or on the Internet when your messages arrive.


Increase Productivity


Reduce all your contact numbers to a single toll free telephone number. Clients, colleagues, family and friends can call, leave messages and fax you toll free and never get a busy signal!

Save money on a dedicated fax line. Never misplace a fax again. Organize all your faxes on your PC.

Simplify your messaging: a single voicemail location; you don’t have to check multiple cell phone, office or home voice mailboxes.

Control your communications. Visual Caller ID and call screening lets you know who’s calling and allows you to reply accept, ignore or send the call to voicemail.

Connect virtual teams together by adding additional mailboxes for each member. Each mailbox is full-featured with call routing, fax and voicemail.


Stay Connected How and When You Choose


Take a break. 800easy is active 24×7, whether your computer is turned on or off.

Receive notification of new messages by a screen-pop, email, pager or mobile phone.

Instantly call back a caller who left a message, without looking up or dialing the number.

Replace your existing answering machine or phone company voicemail.

Use your 800easy number as a virtual calling card.


Simplify and Organize


Customize all your own greetings by recording or importing your own.

Organize your communications with 800easy’ detailed call log.

Download voice and fax messages for offline processing and storage.

Retrieve messages from any phone, the web or via email.


Personal toll-free number


Business associates, clients, friends and family can call and fax you toll free!


For a surprisingly low price and in a matter of minutes, you can set up your own toll free number that takes messages, send and receive faxes, and screens and routes calls to you and your colleagues, anytime, anywhere. You will receive your own personal toll free number, not an extension, that is immediately available. If you want to personalize your number, we can set up a vanity number for an additional a charge.


The 800easy toll free number is metered through the use of Minutes. Metered minutes vary depending on the pricing plan selected. See pricing plans for details.

Customizable Mailboxes and Extensions


Gives out information, takes a message, tracks you down or all three!


800easy offers you several types of mailboxes to fit your needs. You can reconfigure or change them all together easily, as often as you like, on the web.



Announcement Only: need to give out information such as directions, support help or schedules, but don’t want your callers to leave messages? Announcement only mailboxes let you set up an outbound only message box.

Take Messages Only: you can set up a mailbox to receive voicemail, fax or both, but never ring to a phone. Since 800easy never rings busy, you’ll never miss a call but not have to answer the phone. Use this with our multiple mailboxes for order lines or setting up virtual departments, so callers think you are a bigger organization than you are.

Forward Calls to Me: calls can track you down via a priority forwarding or by ringing multiple numbers. 800easy lets you set up screening options to identify the caller, so you only take the calls you want. You can customize what your callers hear while 800easy tries to locate you. Record a custom introductory greeting and decide whether they hear hold music or not. If 800easy cannot find you, you have the option of sending the caller to your mailbox or not. Now matter where you go, your single 800easy number serves all your communications needs.


Call Forwarding and Screening Options

FindMe – Call Forwarding


Have your calls find you wherever you are!


Don’t know exactly where you’ll be or don’t want to give out your private numbers to your clients? One of our most popular and useful tools is 800easy’ sophisticated FindMe call forwarding feature. FindMe can track you down by ringing up to four numbers of your choosing, in sequence or simultaneously. If you have multiple mailboxes enabled, each mailbox can have a different configuration and set of numbers. Quickly change where calls are forwarded with the touch of a few keys on a phone or via the web.


Want to be left alone? You can quickly disable FindMe by turning on Do Not Disturb via your phone or on the web.

FollowMe – Priority Call Forwarding


Tell 800easy where you are and have calls directly forwarded to that number!


FollowMe Priority Call Routing provides a direct way to send calls to a single number. FollowMe takes precedence over your FindMe profile until you turn it off. FollowMe also can force your calls to go to another external voice mailbox if you choose. To enable FollowMe, just call your toll free number from any phone or log into your account on the web and tell FollowMe call routing where to temporarily send your phone calls.

Call Screening


Let 800easy screen your calls, so you can stay productive and sane


You control what calls reach you with 800easy. You can set up 800easy to screen calls by asking the caller for his/her name. You choose to receive the call or send the caller to voicemail. 800easy lets you choose whether to screen all calls, only calls without caller ID, calls without numbers in your address book, or not at all.

800easy’s Internet Fax


Full-featured Internet-based fax send & receive service


Included with 800easy is 800easy’s Internet Fax, the leading Internet Fax solution. Internet Fax eliminates the need for a dedicated fax line, doesn’t require any additional equipment, and lets you send and receive faxes directly from your PC to and from any fax number in the US. It is always available, never busy and extremely flexible.


How it Works

When someone sends a fax to your 800easy number, the 800easy Fax and Delivery Receipt Network processes the fax and emails it directly to you as an attached file. It can notify you by email, cell phone/pager (SMS) or via an online popup that a fax is waiting for you in your message center. When you want to send a fax, simply choose the 800easy Internet Fax as your printer and “print.” We’ll process the fax and send it off!


Send to one, send to many, wherever, whenever you like

You can also send the same fax to a group of people (fax broadcasting) using our address book feature. We make sending faxes convenient for you by allowing you to send faxes anytime and anywhere you have access to the Internet.


Never miss another fax again

800easy is never busy and can receive many faxes simultaneously. Because it is electronic you never run out of paper, ink or toner. You can view and print your faxes from any web browser. Best of all, you will never misplace another fax because it can be sent directly to your mail account and filed away time-stamped exactly when it was received.


Complete fax editing and personalization

Included with every 800easy account, 800easy Internet Fax is a full featured fax editing software for Windows. It is compatible with Outlook and Outlook Express so you have immediate access to all your contacts.


800easy Internet Fax enables you to:


create your own cover pages

add graphical and text elements to any document

assemble and reorder fax pages from several documents

stamp your signature and edit faxes sent to you for reply

customize header information

schedule faxes in advance


* These rates apply to fax pages that take less than 60 seconds to transmit, which covers approximately 90% of all faxes. Fax pages which take longer than 1 minute will be charged as multiple pages.