The Most Amazing Countries to Visit in 2021

The Most Amazing Countries to Visit in 2021

With COVID-19, lots of people stop traveling and stay at home. But even though it seems safer not to leave your house, traveling is much more fun than watching Netflix, placing bets on the TonyBet mobile app, or reading books. There are many places worldwide where you can both stay safe and enjoy your vacation.


Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a good alternative to Thailand, which has become more expensive in recent years. Sea, sun, and juicy fruits are waiting for your visit.

Everyone likes this resort: quiet holiday lovers and families with children stay on the outskirts, party people settle closer to the club and bar center.

Not far from the popular Nha Trang there are still secret wild beaches, where it is realistic to relax without people. For example, a small Bãi biển Bình Tiên in a beautiful bay and a hundred-meter Bãi biển Nước Ngọt in 1.5 hours from the city.



Elegant Bordeaux in the heart of the historic Aquitaine region in southwestern France is a great vacation idea for those who have already been to Paris. The local vineyards are world famous, but apart from tastings, Bordeaux has plenty to do and see.

Because of the graceful curve of the broad Garonne River, the city is called the Port of the Moon or the Crescent Harbor. The old sights of the early Classical period are located on the left bank. In 2007, the historic part of Bordeaux was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a historically inhabited, unique urban and architectural ensemble of the Enlightenment.

Three Bordeaux churches – St. Michael’s Basilica in the Fiery Gothic style, St. Michael’s Cathedral and the Basilica of St. Severin – stand on one of the routes of the Saint James Pilgrimage Route to Santiago de Compostela.

Few people know that in order for a wine to reveal its unique Bordeaux notes, it needs an appellation – a special combination of air temperature, humidity levels and the number of hours of sunshine. Bordeaux’s climate has been changing in recent years, with wet winters and overly dry summers pushing up the harvest season. Winemakers say that if this continues to be the case, they will have to look for a replacement for the familiar grape varieties. Be sure to stop by a couple of chateaus and participate in the merlot and cabernet sauvignon harvest while there’s still time!



Rome, Milan and Venice are beautiful, but staying alone with Italy in these mega-popular cities is almost impossible. But in sunny Sardinia there is still a chance!

First, go to Sardinia for the amazing beaches. Water here warms up in May, and the bathing season lasts until mid-autumn.

Cagliari airport is especially convenient for travelers who plan to vacation in the south of Sardinia: for example, in the resorts of Pula, Forte Village, or Chia.

Cagliari is an excellent starting point to enjoy fine wines in the idyllic Porto Pino in the municipality of Sant’Anna Arresi, to appreciate the beaches around Buggerru, and to drive to the fantastic dunes of Arbus. But you won’t be bored in Sardinia’s capital either!

The locals know how to celebrate life like no other. See for yourself at the annual St. Efisio festival in early May. Take part in the grand pilgrimage procession, take pictures of the stately riders in historical costume, eat unprecedented food and dance with the locals among the flower petals!


The capital of the island of Mallorca is more than just a staging post on the way to the beaches of dreams. Palma is a tranquil city with 2,000 years of history, where many manage to reinvent themselves even on a short vacation.

Palma has a classic Mediterranean climate: hot and sunny in summer, warm, dank and slushy in winter. The beach season in Mallorca lasts from June to October.

Breathe the sea air, remember what it’s like to slow down, and enjoy the scenery, restaurants and sights of Palma without the crowds during the off-season from late fall to early spring.


Karlovy Vary

The healing springs of this Czech spa were once used by Beethoven to improve his health. Today, Karlovy Vary is open to everyone who wants to take a dip in the thermal waters, drink therapeutic water and relax in one of the inexpensive but comfortable spa hotels.

In Karlovy Vary, you are still transported back in time: you want to wear clothes of the 19th century, read the classics, talk about high things and take formal promenades in the evening.

Vacationers say that in the main Czech spa resort the air itself heals the soul, and in the head all sorts of things arrange themselves. Inexpensive plane tickets are a good reason to see it for yourself!



Serbia is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets that travelers are just beginning to discover.

Belgrade is one of those cities that is good to walk around without a plan: you can’t miss the city’s fortress, the Royal Palace and the unusual Skadarlija neighborhood anyway. And if you’re unlucky with the weather, Belgrade’s cozy coffeehouses and cafes will always keep you warm.

Don’t miss Ada Ciganlija Island Park on the Sava River in Belgrade. In summer, the local vast pebble beach is used for sunbathing, swimming, picnics, water skiing, volleyball and golf. In winter, Ada Ciganlija turns into an ice rink.



No one returns from Bali the same way they arrived. This island knows how to change lives, not from Monday and Christmas’s Eve, but here and now.

Bali is prescribed for those who long for the lush nature and the mode of slow life. The mild climate, warm ocean, fantastic volcanoes, majestic temples and full mindfulness – here you fall out of the aggressive reality, that then for a few months you notice only good and beautiful things in life.

The island is relatively small, but there are plenty of outstanding places and exciting things to do. Don’t miss the temples of Uluwatu and Tanah Lot, the palaces of Ujung and Tirtha Ganga, and the capital of Balinese crafts, Ubud. It’s great to take your kids to Green Camp Park, where they can learn how to build bamboo huts and harvest coconuts.