The Most Affordable US States to Settle Down In

The Most Affordable US States to Settle Down In

If you’re ready to settle down, whether it’s for retirement or to start a family, one of the top things on your mind might be the importance of your budget. It’s no secret that property costs are going up across the country, so where can you move if you want to save money? 


These are the three most affordable states to settle down in, and why you should call them home! 

The Balance Between Income and Cost

Each of these states is incredibly affordable: but it’s important to know that they’re also on multiple lists for the areas with the lowest income. This means that these states are best for those who have work-from-home jobs they’re looking to relocate with.


Working from home means your payment is set before you move, and you can do more with it. Otherwise, the best way to make the most money in these states is to live near a metropolitan area, which will raise the property costs.


When people think of the American South, this state is often the first one that comes to mind. Georgia is one of the most affordable states, especially the further south you go within it. If you shop in cities like Albany, Georgia, you’ll be shocked at how cheap it is. 


But, of course, many of these areas have a lot of growth still ahead of them, which means you can expect to see your property values increase an incredible amount while you live here!


If you want an affordable state: it’s Alabama. There are multiple Birmingham homes for sale that are still available for less than $100,000- which is wild for a city house in 2022. 


Unfortunately, this city sees slower growth in real estate, so it’s not a great place to start if you want to become an investor. Still, Alabama should be your future home for anyone starting a family who wants to begin fresh.


The perfect mix of weather, culture, and things to do: Oklahoma is a great state. Home to Tulsa, one of the best-known cities in the country, and Oklahoma City, many are surprised at just how inexpensive it is to live in this state. There’s plenty to do and see here, and many are quick to say that this is the location of their dreams when they arrive.


This is one of the least expensive places to live, especially the further out from the cities you live, and the job market is incredibly active. Although the pay here is lower than the national average, it’s incredibly easy to find work in this state, which is good news for anyone who’s moving without any plans.

Any of These Southern States Could be Home

Whether you’re looking for a less expensive area to start a family, or you’re hoping for a new beginning in retirement: any of these states could be affordable on a tighter budget. Get to know one of these amazing areas, and you’ll feel ready to move in no time!