The Best Way To Get A Wall Street Journal Discount

The Best Way To Get A Wall Street Journal Discount

Did you know that you can save up to 80% off newsstand prices when you purchase a subscription to the Wall Street Journal? Talk about a major Wall Street Journal discount. Yet, many people still buy newspapers at newsstands every day. Why?

I have no idea, to be honest. Maybe it’s because people don’t want to make a long term commitment. And others might like reading a different paper each day.

But most of us have favorite papers that we read all the time, and for those of us in this category, a subscription is definitely the way to go.

If you bought the Wall Street Journal for just one day, it would still cost you $2 at a newsstand. The cost of a full week, on the other hand, is not much more ($2.29, to be exact) when you buy an annual subscription. And don’t forget, there are other advantages to getting a subscription, such as mobile access to news, 2 weeks free, and access to online tools.

It’s commonly believed that the Wall Street Journal is the paper of choice for America’s elite. I used to think this was just a marketing ploy, but studies have shown that this perception is actually well-founded. A recent survey found that the average reader of the Wall Street Journal makes a six figure income and has a net worth in the millions.

Even if you’re sold on getting a subscription, you may still be wondering about the best way to subscribe. In my opinion, using the Internet is the best option. A quick search on any search engine is all it takes to find a lot of sites offering Wall Street Journal discounts. Using such sites, you are more certain to get the latest and best deals. Many offer free weeks to subscribers, in addition to regular discounts.


Treasure Hunters Roadshow has Fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House

Treasure Hunters Roadshow Has fundraisers to help local families of critically ill children have a home away from home by raising funds for the Ronald McDonald house.

Springfield, IL – Help L.CHIC to Raise Money for the Ronald McDonald House

June 4th 4pm-8pm & June 5th 10am – 4pm

Event Takes Place at L.CHIC
3063 Hamlin Parkway
Springfield, Illinois 62711

Come out and join Treasure Hunters Roadshow and Treasure Hunters Fundraiser to help Raise Funds for The local Ronald McDonald House! Clean out your jewelry boxes and dig out your treasures and help families in need!!

Help support the Ronald McDonald house by donating items to help families of critically ILL children have a home away from home!

Scrap Gold – Jewelry – Unused Jewelry – Class Rings – Dental Gold – Cold Coins – Gold Ounces – Silver Dollars
Proof Sets – Coin Collections – Sterling Silver Items – Silver Flatware – Silver Bars – Silver Ounces

Tristyn’s Story

“I’m sorry, but we don’t expect that your daughter will make it through the night.” The horror that rings through these words is a haunting sound that no parent would ever want to experience.

Lacey DeMaire, a young mother from Olney, Illinois had experienced the normal pangs of pregnancy until she began passing out at work at 32 weeks gestation. After being sent home from the hospital twice, she was rushed to Springfield by ambulance in her 34th week. She was in active labor and then began hemorrhaging.

An emergency cesarean section was performed to save her life and the life of her baby. That is when the doctors discovered that Lacey had a very rare disorder called vesa previa, where the umbilical cord attaches itself to the wrong part of the placenta. While in active labor, Lacey’s baby descended into the birth canal and crashed into the misplaced umbilical cord, causing her to love of 1/3 of her blood.

When the lifeless baby was born, she had been without oxygen for 3-4 minutes, limited oxygen for at least that long, had a heart rate of 10, suffered seizures and was immediately given blood transfusions. Her Apgar tests were very discouraging at 1 at one minute and 4 after five minutes. [The Apgar test rates that baby’s appearance, pulse, responsiveness, muscle activity and breathing. Each of the five tests are given a number between 0 (weakest) and 2 (strongest) and then totaled.]

For two days the doctors told Lacey that her newborn wouldn’t survive, however baby Tristyn kept fighting. She stayed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at St. John’s Hospital for one month, and Lacey found comfort whitin the walls of the Ronald McDonald House. Here she recovered from surgery, made friends with other families whose children were hospitalized and was relieved that she could remain close to her precious daughter.

Lacey and Tristyn won the battle, but they continue to fight the war. Irreversible effects of the trauma has left Tristyn, now three, with mild brain damage and cerebral palsy, a weakened immune system; and frequent trips back to Springfield are necessary to see specialists. Today, you wouldn’t know it by looking at this adorable tot that she is any different than other youngsters here age or that she experienced more in the first hours of her life than most of us will experience in a lifetime. Lacey says that it takes Tristyn 3-4 months to acquire one new skill because of her short term memory. “We take it one day at a time ” adds Lacey. Still, it doesn’t deter this incredible little girl; an inspiration and source of joy for everyone at the Ronald McDonald House. Her smile and spirit melts our hearts.


Tips For Locating Electrical Contractors

Home improvement is a very nice thing to do around your home at any point in time. The problem can be though in finding the proper electrical contractors to help you out. Here though are a variety of ways to assist you in this problem.

A great starting point would be looking at the search results that you can find on your computer. Since you are going to be looking at these you might find that they are going to have an informational web page that can allow you to see what services they provide.

Another great way that you can find one is by checking out the phone directory. The phone directory can be a great resource if you want to stay away from the national companies because you will find that many of them listed will be based in your area.

You can also consult with some of your friends to see who they have used previously. Your friends if they have ever had this work done might be able to provide you with the information of who they used. Since they used them you will know the quality of the work that they do.

Some place that you might not think of checking at would be the local supply company for this type of work. Since these people have to get their supplies some where you are going to want to consider stopping by some of the stores in your area and they might know some of the names of the people in your area to help you out.

Driving around town can be a great way to find these people as well. You might not think that this method will pay off, but many people once a job is completed leaves behind a yard sign. So you can catch the number off of those yard signs to get the service that you need.

Being able to hire electrical contractors can be a wonderful thing, but at the same time something that is difficult to do as well. Since this can be so hard to find you will want to follow the above advice to ensure that you find the one that is going to be capable of assisting you in your needs.

High quality electrical contractors can sometimes be difficult to come by, but if you live in the Northampton area then you can have access to the services of a company called Ulec, a well-established electrical contractors Northamptonshire.