Surprising Things You Should Include on Your Wedding Registry

Surprising Things You Should Include on Your Wedding Registry

Planning a wedding can be a tough road to navigate. There is so much to do and what feels like so little time to get everything done before the big day.

One step in the wedding planning process is registering for gifts. This should be a fun task, though it can be stressful when you aren’t quite sure what to ask for.

Of course, you’ll want to register for the typical set of bed linens and dish towels and maybe some silverware, too. But there are other more exciting items that can make your registry more interesting.

To give guests some fun options to choose from, consider thinking outside the box. They’ll appreciate it and you’ll have more fun opening everything when the day is over.

Think about adding any of these seven ideas to your wedding registry to make your special day more exciting.


1. Bar Essentials

Once you are finally married, you’ll find yourself itching to host dinners and parties on the weekends. Especially if you’ve moved into your own place together you’ll be craving to show off your new home.

It is essential to have a good set of bar tools to impress guests with delicious drinks. An electric corkscrew, a nice set of wine glasses and a shaker for all those mixed drinks you’ll want to try will help you keep guests satisfied.

You might not think to add fun bar gadgets to your wedding registry, but you might as well! Wedding guests love to give the gifts that are most interesting and useful.


2. Polaroid Camera

In the digital age we live in, it is easy to snap pictures that will get lost in the long camera roll of a smartphone. After the wedding, you and your new spouse will undoubtedly embark on adventures to remember.

Take pictures that will last for years with a fun Polaroid camera. It will instantly print the photos for you to put in an album to have a collection of memories.

Polaroid cameras are easy to travel with because of the cute cases you can get that they fit right inside. Slip it into a carry on or purse for easy access whenever there is a memory you want to keep forever.

Register for one of these vintage cameras made modern alongside a fun picture album to keep all your snapshots safe.


3. French Press Coffee Maker

While you might feel inclined to register for a new instant coffee pot or espresso making machine, you might not consider other fun coffee-making gadgets to start your morning off right.

Coffee connoisseurs should consider registering for a french press coffee maker for the delicious smell of fresh coffee every day. French press coffee tastes delicious and is fun to make when you take the time to do it right.

This will be a nice addition to your kitchen gear for when you have overnight guests to entertain or you just want to enjoy a great cup of caffeine as husband and wife. Pair with the perfect matching mugs for the ultimate experience.


4. A Shower Speaker

Showering is a part of everyone’s daily routine, so you might as well make it more interesting. Registering for towels and bathrobes is useful, but expected and not super fun to open.

To make showers more fun, Erica Young at GiftWits suggests playing your favorite songs on a shower speaker. They are water-resistant, unlike cellphones and tablets that could be damaged when wet.

Play some romantic tunes to get steamy with your spouse or just some top hits to make your routine more fun.

Fill your registry with exciting items like a shower speaker to liven up your special day and get gifts you’ll really need.

Surprising Things You Should Include on Your Wedding Registry

5. Measuring Cups

Don’t forget the small things on your registry! Everyone always thinks of the big sets of dishes, pots, and pans, but it’s hard to remember every little item you might need to cook or bake.

Measuring cups are an important staple in any kitchen that often get overlooked. Wedding guests can get creative with the cups and spoons they choose because there are so many styles.

Whimsical, modern or traditional measuring cups are available for use, so register for the ones that fit the style of your kitchen best. You can ask for anything you like or will find useful.



6. Luggage Set

Married life might inspire you to travel to new locations and experience the world. You’ll also want to go on a honeymoon to celebrate your love.

In order to travel, it is necessary to have stylish and functional luggage to keep your belongings safe.

Kate Huber, chief editor at NJGamblingFun, who travels for work 50% of the time had this to say: “Luggage for two can get expensive, so you might as well turn it into a gift option on your registry! Find a set that suits your travel needs the best, whether you think you’ll like a huge set or smaller bags that make traveling simple. Make sure the set you choose comes with a variety of bags in different sizes for any trip you might take. A carry on and a full-size suitcase are absolute necessities!”

Think of all the trips you might take and how the perfect set of luggage will help you experience the world with ease.


7. A Step Stool

Whether you are short or tall, you’ll find yourself needing a step stool at some point. That shelf above the fridge or the cobweb on the ceiling fan will always be just out of reach without a boost.

Nobody would ever think to add a step stool to their wedding registry. It’s one of those items you don’t realize you need until it is too late!

Any homeowner will quickly realize how big a gift a step stool truly is. It might not seem important, but it can help in the stickiest of situations.


Creating a wedding registry might take a while, but it’s important to add items you will really need post-wedding. Any of these surprising gifts can have a positive impact on married bliss.