Stylish Ways to Pair Camo Pants with Other Garments

Stylish Ways to Pair Camo Pants with Other Garments

Camo pants are one of the most prominent fashion trends that sustained their way through many fashion seasons. The idea of these intrinsic bottoms belonged to the army so that they could blend in with the environment – literally get “camouflaged .”

Camo pants for women are a wardrobe blessing. This iconic print is a popular choice for the top fashion icons, from runways to celebs and fashion influencers, according to Sanctuary. But, the camo love does not stop here! It continues onto streetwear. Elegant yet comfortably dressed women are rocking camo outfits all over the globe.

Despite the popularity of these pants, some of us might still find it difficult to picture them in our wardrobe. If you are hesitant about adding camo pants to your collection, this article is for you. From Sunday brunches to night outs with friends, camo pants will have your back through all your moods and vibes.

But before we go ahead, what exactly are camo pants?

Camo pants are the short form of camouflage pants. The military and hunters initially wore these pants as they helped them blend with the flora to safeguard themselves from dangers and prey.

Conventionally, camo pants have green, brown, and beige patches. However, as part of the fashion parade, they come in various colors ranging from traditional army greens to popping oranges and pinks.

Camo pants come with multiple utility pockets, allowing hunters and soldiers to have functional wear. The same trend continues with camo trousers that are usually baggy in silhouette and contain numerous pockets. However, numerous styles like camo leggings, sweatpants, and tights are available online. The idea is to blend the idea of camo with different choices of trousers to create a fun, exciting, and diverse range.

How to pair your camo pants with other garments?

The standard way of wearing camo trousers is to pair them with a matching jacket, a vest, and a cap – all of the same pattern. But here we are trying to step away from the jungle and build an everyday stylish camo look.

Here is a list of six camo outfits where you’ll know how to pair your camo trousers with other garments and call it a LOOK!

  1. Pair your camo pants with solid tops for a casual look

Camo trousers are an excellent pick for your daily on-the-go looks. They look great with solid-colored tops, including your polos, T-shirts, and sweaters. You can pick any light color to put together a casual ensemble. Camo cargos with outdoor slippers and a solid white top are always a cool vibe. There is no restriction with a bit of texture; you can pair your camo trousers with knitwear or tan sweaters and add a nice pair of classic sneakers to enhance your look.

A pro tip is to avoid tops with too much writing or patterns. A few words are not an issue, but too much writing will create a distraction from the star of the look – your camo pants. A heavily printed or detailed top might also steal the show and grab too much attention by overpowering your overall look.

  1. The camo and corset scandal

Camo pants and an excellent corset – this is the glamour bomb that can turn all eyes on you as you walk through that nightclub. Be it a spicy date night or your friend’s late-night birthday bash, this combination calls for attention as it emits an unparalleled fashion appeal to the spectators.

  1. Let’s play with some bright saturated hues

Camo pants are usually a go-to pick when creating  a bold look. However, you can brighten up the look by pairing it with a saturated top with colors rich in pigment. For example, you can pair your camo pants with royal blues, magentas, or crimsons. The best choice of tops with these saturated colors is long-sleeve shirts, blouses, and button-downs.

These bright colors might seem bizarre, but they go well with your camo pants because the camo primarily serves as a neutral. In addition, create a classic camo outfit by styling your camo pants with black and gray tops to add softness to the loud camo print while making a bold statement.

  1. Play with the camo-business look

You can pair your straight-legged camo trousers with a blazer to create a business look. Add a simple white T-shirt or button-down to construct a business casual look, and throw your favorite blazer on top. You can go for a standard black blazer or add a pop of color with burgundy or a blue jacket, and you are all set to rule the corporate world with fashion.

  1. Flattering tops and camo to spice up your nightlife

Club, bar, or date? Camo pants can be your best buddy through it all. Women can pair their camo pants with sparkly or metallic tops to create a fun and sexy look. Bralettes and satin cowl neck tops amplify your glamour when paired with camo pants and a nice pair of heels. The best choice here is straight-fall camo pants that balance your upper elegant and chic tops with their audacious vibes.

  1. Elevate your street style with camo pants and crop tops

Camo pants are a statement in themselves, and adding on a classic pair of solid crop tops is the perfect recipe for dressy yet casual streetwear. Of course, you can always add accessories, change your footwear from flats to sneakers, a cap, or heels, and add a glitzy pair of earrings to change your vibe completely.

Camo pants are one of the most effortless pieces of clothing to pair and create a wide array of looks if you know the little secrets of styling. Bold and baggy clothes might seem very limiting, but they are the perfect fashion staple to play around with and pair with looks that make you fashionable. The styles covered in this article are just the beginning, now can go on and add your style and creativity to ace the camo trend.