Social commerce and chatbots – welcome to the future of the internet

There is no doubt, 2020 will forever mark the world and the behavior of people through an acceleration of the transition to digital. What trends are we heading for in 2021? This is what we will cover in this article.


2020 will be a year that changed the course of history. One of the major consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the fact that it has accelerated the shift to everything digital. The world has had to adapt the way it communicates and does business. Direct consequence: the use of social networks has exploded, companies have adopted a “virtual” way of working and teleworking has become a fully accepted practice.


But you know what? Today it is time to move on! We will stop looking in the rearview mirror of this difficult year for everyone in order to focus, after the SEO trends for next year, on the 5 most important digital marketing trends that will set the tone for the year 2021.

The rise of the chatbot

If a purchase on an e-commerce site went wrong or if you had a problem ordering on a home shopping delivery application, there is a good chance that you have dealt with a chatbot as a first step in taking your problem into account. The growth of online shopping and e-commerce, coupled with a chatbot’s ability to interact with customers and mimic interactions with real advisors, makes it a very attractive solution for businesses.


From a marketing perspective, the use of chatbots, in addition to providing instant customer service, can be a direct source for collecting information and data from your customers. Thus, the data recorded by your chatbot can help you list the most recurring problems that your customers raise in order to easily identify them.


More recently, the use of chatbots has grown creatively to drive customer engagement and website traffic. Indeed, it is becoming less and less rare to see a chatbot window open at the bottom right of your screen, when you browse, in order to display current promotions. The advantage is that this communication channel does not hinder your navigation since you do not leave the page you are viewing.

Social Commerce

Thanks to the development of Social Commerce (which we already talked about in 2019) and Shoppable Posts on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest, companies have enormous power to maximize their presence on a multitude of platforms other than their own. website. Customers can easily click the buy icon for any product featured in a business Instagram post and be directed to the e-commerce site page. Note that the year 2021 should be synonymous with the democratization of in-app purchases on Instagram by paying directly with Facebook Pay. Thus, the user will no longer quit the application. Not for the customer, but you can reach potential listeners with social commerce. You can buy Spotify playlist followers and get more attention with the help of the organic algorithm.


In addition to Shoppable publications, a social network like Instagram continues to highlight its e-commerce part with the launch of Instagram Shops around the world and the addition of a shortcut in the home bar of users leading directly to a shopping section which displays a selection of items to buy.