Shoes and their impact

Shoes and their impact

Shoes are the most essential part of our wardrobe and they have a strong impact on our personality and how people perceive us.

According to psychology, the first thing that people notice in us are our shoes or what kind of shoes we are wearing.

It means that the shoes we wear are used by others to judge our personality. People with nice shoes make a strong impact as soon as they enter the room.

This is the reason why psychologists say that we must wear nice shoes when we are going to meet someone or when we are going for a job interview.

Shoes come in different styles, for example, nowadays sport fashion shoes are very trendy and everyone is wearing them.

But they are not suited for every event and every dress. Several types of shoes are specifically designed for different purposes.

The different types of shoes are:

Line up shoes Oxford

The lineup oxford shoes are one of the oldest but still the best shoe style in the world. These are very sober shoes that are a mix of dress shoes and laces.

These shoes are used with coats or with a formal-looking attire but people wear them with jeans and shirts nowadays and they look epic.

These are mostly black colored as the black color shoes can be worn with any type of trousers and shirts and they still look good.

The Irish wingtips

Not going to lie but these are some of the styles of my favorite shoes. These are just like the oxfords but there is a big difference between them and that hole.

The wingtips have holes all over them and the reason was to let the moisture go out from the shoes in the marshy environment.

These shoes are semi-formal meaning that they go perfectly with the formal wardrobe as well as they give a funky look with the casual attire.

These shoes are a must in every men’s shoe collection because they are just simply beautiful and classy.

   Shoes and their impact

Suede Wingtips

Nothing beats the stylishness of a suede wingtip shoe. They look amazing and are comfortable.

Made out of suede these shoes are of the same design as wingtips but they are made of the suede that gives these shoes their unique identity.

These shoes are very beautiful and they look amazing when they are used with jeans as they give a very casual look.

But the drawback is that the suede is very sensitive stuff so these shoes require a lot of care and need cleaning more than other shoes.

If not cleaned properly the shoes are damaged and they look terrible that is all the persons who they belong to a fault.

An old school Sneaker

You can wear anything but nothing beats the comfort of an old school sneaker that you can wear with pajamas or jeans as well as with shorts and they will still look good.

Sneakers are very popular just like always and almost every person has at least one pair of sneaker in their wardrobe.

They have a rubber sole that makes them lightweight than the other shoes and because of the fewer weights, they are easy to walk with.

These are best suited for the casual look, and they suit the shirts and trousers or jeans but they are not suited for formal clothes.

So, trying to wear them with formal dressing will end up making you look like a clown who has no sense of dressing.


Chelsea boots are ankle-length boots that are very attractive. These boots are made of leather with no laces and elastic on the sides so you can wear them.

These look good or we can say great with the formal look as well as they look fantastic with a casual look as well.

These boots give an English look and are very attractive compared to the other styles of ankle boots.

If you are short in height these boots will make you appear taller. Just grab a long coat and black jeans with a black turtle neck and trust me you’ll rock the streets making everyone turn around to look at you.


Last but not least Combat boots

The combats boots are longer than Chelsea going way up leaving ankle down. These boots are made of leather and look similar to the army combat boots in design.

But these are designed for causal daily look and snowy and cold environments.


The choice of shoes is a very sensitive thing because a good choice will make you look 10 times more charming than usual.

But the bad choice will make you look like an idiot with no common sense. The shoes in short must be chosen depending on where you are going and who you are meeting.