MT Washi Tape Expo at Ion Orchard – rubbercraft

MT Washi Tape Expo at Ion Orchard – rubbercraft

Last December, we were fortunate enough to head to Tokyo for a holiday with the kids. Before we left, I messaged my friend, Rachel from Scrappin Love because I knew she would know the best places to find craft supplies in Japan. She told me to check out Tokyo Hands and I did. It turned out to be a great place to find all kinds of washi tape. In fact, that was where I first spotted the washi tape printer.

Well, over the past week, the people who brought in MT Tapes to Singapore decided to throw a “party”. They painstakingly decorated the art gallery located at ION Orchard with a myriad of washi tape designs. But the most eye-catching display were the rows and rows of hanging washi tape balls. Captured on instagram accounts all over Singapore, this was what drew the crowds.

Of course there were also limited edition MT tapes for sale. My favourite was the peranakan-inspired tape and I am happy to say that I managed to buy two rolls. They were completely sold out before the end of the Expo.

The other fun part was the craft table where people were invited to decorate items that they had brought or paper boxes that were supplied. I stood there for a little while decorating my planner. It was super fun being able to craft alongside others and enjoy the MT tapes together. I must say that I was glad that I wasn’t in a rush and managed to squeeze in time to do that.

Given my new additions, I decided I needed more inspiration on what to do with my tapes so I spent this morning pinning new ideas. So for those of you who ended up with more washi tape than you intended, you might want to check out my Craft with Washi Tape pinterest board. Have a look and do let me know if you find any other great ideas.

DIY :: Ribbon Wands – rubbercraft

While I was picking my son up from school on Monday, I overheard a group of kids in the foyer singing the newest National Day song – One Singapore. Now I had watched the video and I didn’t think it deserved the negative reactions that it had received but there is really something about listening to a group of children singing it with gusto.

I probably shouldn’t have been surprised because my sons have been singing national day songs in the car and at home over the last week or so. Clearly a sign that they have been introducing the songs to them at school.

So it make me think that I ought to do something slightly special with the kids. So here’s a craft that I made with the kids yesterday in anticipation of National Day but I think it is fun for everyone too.

DIY Craft Tutorial : Make Ribbon Wands via

I grabbed some ribbon from the ribbon box and pom poms and we quickly turned them into ribbon wands that would be perfect for waving as the kids sing along to the songs.

Here’s what you need :

  • hot glue gun
  • chopsticks
  • ribbon
  • trimmings
  • pom poms (optional)
    DIY Craft Tutorial : Make Ribbon Wands via

How to make Ribbon Wands

Instructions :

  1. Begin by snipping the ribbons to the desired length. I used a variety of lengths and let the kids decide how long they wanted them.
  2. Then using a hot glue gun, I applied glue to the chopstick and pressed the ribbon down with another chopstick (be careful, the glue will be hot).
  3. Finally. you can also glue a pom pom on at the end of the ribbon.

DIY Craft Tutorial : Make Ribbon Wands via
DIY Craft Tutorial : Make Ribbon Wands via

I let the kids choose the ribbons and pom poms that they wanted to use and they happily made two each. I assisted them with the gluing bit but it was a very quick DIY and they happily played with them for a while after.
DIY Craft Tutorial : Make Ribbon Wands via

So we may not be at the National Day Parade but we will definitely have a lot of fun watching the parade on the telly. You can bet my kids will be waving their ribbon wands as they belt their hearts out.

Happy National Day, everyone!

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FIND :: iPhone Covers – rubbercraft

Since my post on creating your own customisable iphone cover, I am sure many of you have been trying to hunt down your own transparent iphone covers.

Here are a few places that might have them :

1. United Square

Level B1 – Opposite Mac Donalds, there is a booth that sells handphone covers in different styles and colours.

2. Scape

Level B1 – There are at least two shops that sell an array of handphone covers. I have ot checked it they have the transparent case but if you do find out, do leave a comment here so others are in the know.

3. Toy Outpost

Jurong Point, #03-05 – I was in Jurong over the weekend and found transparent iphone 4S ($6) and iphone 5 covers ($10) here. You can try checking out other Toy Outpost locations if one is near you and you might find them there too.

If you know of a place that stocks them, please do share them in the comments. I’m sure someone else will find it helpful. Thanks!

 // Photos snapped by me at Scape Underground

[This post is part of an ongoing series on the blog called Singapore Secrets where I share tips to living in Singapore and places to find supplies for crafting, baking and making stuff with your hands.]

What’s on my Desk? – rubbercraft

One of the things that I love about blogging is connecting with people who share similar interests and taste.

One such person is Claire Dalgliesh who blogs at Fellow Fellow. A graphic designer by training, she finds the coolest stuff and comes up with the most fabulous craft ideas.

I first noticed her work on Say Yes to Hoboken and was excited to find out that she lives in Singapore. I sent her a message and we met up for coffee. Although I must say that I was actually a little nervous the day before, I found that we had a lot in common and she was really easy to chat to.

So we got together recently to work on a DIY idea that will be shared on her blog tomorrow. I created the craft but she styled and photographed it. The photos were absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait for you to see it.

For now, here’s a hint: It involves nail polish! * For the month of May, I will be giving you a glimpse into what’s currently on my desk. In fact, I have an idea that is currently brewing in my head that I hope to share with you in due course.