RUAG Ammotec Presents A Unique Family of 9mm Police Ammunition with Better Stopping Power for Law Enforcemen

RUAG Ammotec Presents A Unique Family of 9mm Police Ammunition with Better Stopping Power for Law Enforcemen

RUAG Ammotec has been developing, producing and selling high-quality ammunition for handguns and small arms for the military and government sectors for decades.

The enterprise satisfies the needs and wants of the purchasers reliably and its developments help to meet the diverse tasks in optimal manner. In the area of modern police ammunition, in particular, RUAG Ammotec has done much pioneering work and come up with more effective and safe products. With customized solutions they meet the latest legal requirements and trends in Europe. Among RUAG’s long-standing customers are numerous police and protection authorities all over the world.

9 x 19 mm SINTOX® Action – deformation ammunition of highest reliability

The 9 x 19 mm SINTOX® Action 4 presented in 2003 coped already outstandingly well not only with the general requirements as regards the quality system, ammunition technology, weapon function as well as chemical stability and compatibility of the explosive substances, but also with the requirements of the law. The 9 x 19 mm SINTOX® Action deformation projectiles of RUAG Ammotec are perfectly suitable for an effective and universal use by the police and special units.

Several accidents in Europe in which the wrong persons suffered injuries in police actions led to ever louder calls for an ammunition which displays a different effect than the 9 mm ammunition developed primarily for military purposes.

The Action family now convinces in that it endangers the environment only minimally, while guaranteeing highest precision and functional safety. Maximum demands are imposed on this ammunition:

  • Rapid stop effect on the opponent, preventing him from firing further shots;
  • the projectile must guarantee trouble-free feeding;
  • no projectile parts of relevance to injuries are allowed to come off on firing;
  • after firing, the projectile must leave individual traces to enable a forensic assignment;
  • highest end-ballistic demands must be met on different target mediums.

All these requirements have been met by the development of the Action 4 cartridge based on an lead-free design using brass and featuring an integrated cover cap.

Best target-ballistic effect

Proof of compliance with these specifications has been submitted as follows:

  1. Effect on soft targets using gelatine as target medium

Firing on ‘naked’ and ‘dressed’ gelatine is carried out at a distance of 5 m. The penetration depth in the block of gelatine must amount to between 10 and 30 cm (35 cm for ‘dressed’ gelatine), whereby the energy deposition must not exceed 60 J/cm. This energy dump was fixed as a maximum injury limit. The functioning principle of the Action 4 projectile can be shown in 3 phases:

  1. Effect on hard targets – firing at steel register

A register of steel plates standing at a right angle to the face is fired at from a distance of 5 m: At least 4 plates (steel plates of thickness 1 mm each) must be penetrated.

  1. Effect after the penetration of glass

After firing at compound glass the projectile’s penetration depth in the block of gelatine must amount to between 10 and 30 cm, whereby the projectile is not allowed to lose more than 10% of its mass.

  1. Effect on tyres

A police projectile must punch a hole in a car tyre big enough for the air to escape quickly and the vehicle to come to standstill without delay.

  1. Rebounding behaviour

The rebounding behaviour of the police ammunition must be below that of the usual standard ammunition. This has been tested and confirmed by firing at calcereous sandstone.

New developments

In the meantime the 9 x 19 mm SINTOX® Action ammunition has been further developed and extended by the cartridges Action 5 and Action Effect.

Cartridge 9 mm Luger Action 5:

The cartridge Action 5 is a highly effective police ammunition for special interventions requiring the highest stopping effect. Members of special units appreciate this ammunition in cases where the instantaneous effect is of importance.

Cartridge 9 mm Luger Action Effect

A police ammunition of limited effect, the cartridge 9 mm x 19 Action Effect, was developed for the Dutch authorities. The client asked for the development of a deformation ammunition which mushrooms to the size of the calibre. The Dutch Police was the first in Europe to introduce the modern police projectile Action 3 on a broad scale approx. 15 years ago. Last year it changed over to the Action Effect ammunition of RUAG Ammotec.

The fitting training ammunition: 9 mm x 19 Greenrange

RUAG Ammotec has developed a lead-free practice cartridge to cover training requirements. The ammunition offers the identical flight-ballistic properties as the Action 4, Action 5 and Action Effect, but at a lower cost. The end-ballistic characteristics are not required here because the ammunition is used for training purposes only.
The advantage is that the Greenrange projectiles are of the same or at least a very similar material as the other projectiles of RUAG Ammotec. Operators of shooting ranges are pleased with their clean facilities.


RUAG Ammotec has accomplished an outstanding development. Quality, reliability and precision are the benchmarks. The products of RUAG Ammotec are synonymous with safety and protection, and the customers can rely on them when the emergency arises. The customer’s wishes are met reliably, an important aspect seeing that the future clearly belongs to the partnerships.


Innovative Alarm Monitoring Software for Alarm Receiving Centre

The world’s most flexible alarm handling software is named interVIEW and its capabilities are extraordinary.

interVIEW is designed to handle alarms that require immediate response. For any type of alarm, interVIEW provides the operator with an exact and detailed instruction for correct action. The visualisation of alarm priorities gives the operator a superior overview and helps him respond to critical situations.

Alarm Monitoring Software

interVIEW is easily customised and is expandable with various add-ons and interfaces. It is even capable of assisting the operator by responding automatically. The reliability and scalability makes interVIEW a safe choice for Alarm Receiving Centres, which require uptime and future-proof solutions for alarm monitoring.

Standard functions

  • Multi-user system with virtually unlimited number of clients
  • Expandable to virtually unlimited number of sites
  • Alarm handling with multiple filters
  • Support most available alarm receivers and protocols
  • Automated actions and control of alarms
  • Detailed logging of all events for reporting and statistics
  • Customisation of layouts
  • Dynamic templates for data and instructions
  • Designed to run non-stop with watchdogs

Technical description

The interVIEW platform is based on a 3-tier architecture for enhanced performance and is designed for Windows to ensure best compatibility. The application is autonomous with watchdogs and several backup options that provide the best conditions for maximum uptime and reliability.

interVIEW is expandable with add-ons and interfaces to provide completely unique solutions. The open platform makes integration possible to existing systems and technologies such as digital video and dispatch systems.

A complete and dynamic system customisation makes interVIEW ready for the future – today.


  • Fleet Management for dispatching and tracking
  • Dispatch module for third party systems
  • Digital Map for positioning of alarms
  • Video module for alarm verification
  • Web access via smart phones or web client
  • TCP/IP Alarm receiver (supports SIA DC9)
  • SOAP interface for receiving alarms
  • SMS module for transmitting and receiving SMS
  • E-mail for receiving alarms
  • Mobile alarms with GPS for lone workers
  • VoiP for communicating via TCP/IP
  • Open / Close module for scheduling
  • Passcard verification for enhanced security
  • Intergration with Windows Event Viewer
  • Electronic bulletin board
  • Duplex and redundancy for backup solutions