Pilot Paul’s Travel Accessories For Your Next Travel Adventure – eagle transport corp

Pilot Paul’s Travel Accessories For Your Next Travel Adventure – eagle transport corp

Travel Accessories. You just bought a new travel accessory. You don’t know if it will perform acceptably until you’re out there, away from home, using it. If it fails or doesn’t live up to your expectations, it’s inconvenient, frustrating and could impact your trip. You may have wasted your money on a completely worthless gizmo. 

Travel can be challenging. Information and knowledge will make your journey much easier. Minimize the surprises and maximize the enjoyment on your next trip with what you learn here. The more you know before you go, the smoother your travel will be. It is my desire to help make your travel experience turbulence free. 

You can learn and benefit from years of travel experience.

Pilot Paul, a senior Captain with a major airline, is here to help you navigate. Knowledge and tips from a full traveling career will be yours. 

Pilot Paul explains “I spend about half of my days traveling. This alone has made me an extremely experienced traveler. But I also spend countless hours doing market research on travel accessories. 

How? I’m constantly searching for information and recommendations from other crewmembers as well as passengers. I’m always on the prowl for top quality, helpful, useful travel accessories. If I see someone using a certain travel accessory, I’ll ask them how they like it, where they bought it, how much it was, and most importantly, “Was it a good value?” 

Why am I so concerned about value?

To me, value is far more important than price.

You may not know this, but one common characteristic of pilots is that we’re frugal (not cheap, as my wife might say). So how does being cheap (I mean frugal), align with searching for great value? 

If a travel accessory is an excellent product and well made, it should last a long time. This will give you a longer period to enjoy its benefits. Even if it had a higher purchase price than similar travel accessory, the one that lasts longer is a better value. The cost per use or cost over time becomes much less. 

The net result of all my market research is that I am able to stay up to date on a large variety of travel accessories, suggestions and tips. Everything you find here comes from that experience. Every travel accessory is Crew Tested and Crew Recommended. We’re hard on our travel gear. 

Now You Can Benefit From All This Collective Travel Experience

The purpose of this site is to pass along this information. 

My hope is that what you read here will save you: 



Unnecessary Aggravation

I want to make traveling fun for you again. Remember when going on a trip, a plane or train ride was thrilling and exciting? Now I greet the people boarding my flights and they seem tired, harried and worn out. I hope to help change that. 

There enough factors that are out of our control when we travel that can make it more difficult: weather, traffic, mechanical problems, delays and cancellations. But there are some things that you can control: 

What you do

What you know

What travel accessories you bring with you

My desire throughout this site is to help make you a relaxed, seasoned, savvy, well-informed, well-equipped traveler. This should allow you to have the best travel experience possible. 

Travel Informed + Travel Well Equipped = Travel Wisely and Relaxed

What does it take for something to be recommended by Pilot Paul?

To make it on this site, something must be: 

Proven. In most cases it is something I own and use myself. The only exceptions are travel accessories that other crewmembers or passengers have raved about.

Excellent Quality

Great Value

Priced Competitively

Guaranteed. I know that there is a degree of risk in purchasing anything online. To minimize this risk, I only refer to merchants who have excellent guarantee and return policies. These policies are highlighted by each link, and the full details are available from the vendor’s sites. Of course each has their own policies. I have tried to find the best available. Some offer lifetime satisfaction guarantee, others 110% price guarantees, others a 1-year return policy. One luggage manufacturer gives lifetime free repairs, even for damage. How can you beat that?

The net result is that you should be able to find the best products from the best merchants here. 

This is your Captain speaking… 

This site is growing continuously. I am very open to feedback and recommendations. I want this to be a useful resource for all visitors. Be sure to sign up for our FREE newsletter. 

Please bookmark us, tell your friends, and come back frequently to see what is new. 

Travel Informed + Travel Well Equipped = Travel Wisely and Relaxed 

Now please sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight. You are now free to move about the site… 


Find The Best Travel Discounts And Save Money – eagle transport corp

How Often Do You Find Yourself Saying: “I Wish I Knew How To Find The Best Travel Discounts”

Travel discounts. Until recently, discount travel was a special privilege only available to travel industry employees. For years, travel agents, airline employees, and other travel related personnel enjoyed tremendous travel deals.

But things are different now. The Internet has changed the world. That, combined with a depressed and highly competitive travel industry has made discount travel available to anyone with basic online skills and access.

Now the problem is that there is so much discount travel available, that it is hard to find the absolute best travel deals. Are all those travel discounts offered really as good as they seem?

Hi, welcome to Pilot Paul’s Travel Accessories. I bring you years of travel experience as well a wealth of personal travel knowledge. I have been fortunate to go to many wonderful destinations as part of my job.

My family has been able to enjoy discounted travel for many years and we have made the most of that opportunity.