Paris Transportation – dispatch transportation

Paris Transportation – dispatch transportation

The Paris Transportation System: Metro, Buses, Trains and Boats

The Paris transportation system is an integrated network of:

  • Paris Trains
  • Paris Buses
  • Paris Taxis
  • Paris Boats
  • Paris Metro

If you are arriving in Paris by air at one of the Regional Airports or by train from another European destination, you will find that Paris transportation offers a variety of options for getting you into and around the city.

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Paris transportation inside the city is efficient, punctual and convenient so that you can use it to get to every corner of the city.

Paris transportation is also reasonably priced if you follow a few of the tips that we’ll share and use the system the way the Parisians do.

The Paris transportation system consists of four networks inter-linked to provide access to every quartier of the city and the surrounding suburbs.

These networks are the:

  • RER
  • Metropolitan, or Metro
  • Buses
  • Tramway

The RER has 4 train lines that service the city as well as the surrounding suburbs. The RER will bring you in from outside Paris and take you quickly across town. 

It connects with the Paris Metro system, a network of 14 lines with nearly 300 stops that make it so you are never more than 500 meters from a station. 

On the street the Bus system consists of 266 lines serviced by over 4,000 buses.

The Tramway system has two lines but is growing with new lines being constructed to make the system even more efficient.

Within the Paris city limits the same ticket is used by all four of these systems. Tickets can be purchased at many shops and all the tobacco stores around the city either individually or in packets of ten, called a carnet (say “car-nay”) which costs less than ten tickets sold individually.

Single tickets, carnets and weekly and monthly passes can be purchased at all the Paris metro stations. Individual tickets can be purchased on the buses from the drivers.

Follow these links for more information on the RER, Metro and the Buses.

For door to door transport Paris has nearly 15,000 Taxis.

For sight-seeing there are two bus services that are distinctive in that they use double-decker buses, the top deck being open-air which on warm days makes for a pleasant way of seeing the city and enjoying the sunshine.

There are also a number of companies that offer Boat Cruises up and down the Seine. 

You can take a water-taxi that has eight stops along the river, called the Batobus. 

Or, you may want to take a boat that offers a commentary on the many sights along the way. There are also companies that offer dinner cruises.

Paris also boasts over 100 kms of bicycle lanes within the city and the two large parks, the Bois de Boulogne bordering the western edge of the city and the Bois de Vincennes bordering the eastern edge. Bicycle rentals can be made at a number of locations, for a few hours, for a day or for a week.

And then, of course, there is walking. 

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