Diversified Product and Services new era portfolio [pii_email_7eb02f1b0c1bfe07f71d]

Diversified Product and Services new era portfolio [pii_email_7eb02f1b0c1bfe07f71d]

Diversified Product and Services

[pii_email_7eb02f1b0c1bfe07f71d] You Can Offer a Diversified Product and Services Portfolio. As a full service eMoney Broker, you must realize that there are multitudes of additional services you may offer, which are outlined below. After all, not every client seeking your services will be interested in the exact financial service you may have to offer. If they don’t and this was all you had to offer them, you will be missing out on an important additional source of income

The financial service industry works just like any other business; the more products and services you have to offer to your clients, the more reasons your clients has for dealing with you, and the more clients you will have. Even some of the largest financial service agencies in the country have attained their present stature by branching out in the direction that specifically recognizes a series of needs their targeted clients all seem to have in common.

[pii_email_7eb02f1b0c1bfe07f71d] To further illustrate this point, consider the corner grocery store, which has been largely displaced by the major supermarket chains. Part of the reason is the variety and selection that the larger supermarket chains offer. They seem to have something for everyone, and it is very rare that someone would walk through without finding something they can use.

The financial service business works the same way. You will find that some portion of the clients seeking your service may not be interested for a variety of reasons. Or, you may find that some clients come to you with financing requests that you do not normally handle.


Residential Loan consulting

[pii_email_7eb02f1b0c1bfe07f71d] You may consider starting as a Residential Loan Consultant. It is a lucrative business because of the volume of loans that one can originate. Residential loans are also relatively easy to place and fund as most of the borrowers you will be working with should qualify for the loans they are seeking. This aspect of the business, if you are working with Realtors and a team of Associates, can be extremely lucrative and can add thousands of dollars to your overall income. Loan Brokers are responsible for arranging billions of dollars of loan funding each year. Financial experts estimate that Americans hold more that $ 3 trillion in untapped equity in their homes alone. Businesses are borrowing at even greater amounts with their need for loans increasing daily.


Commercial Real Estate Loans

Today, the financial world is experiencing tremendous growth, evidenced by the proliferation of new loan products and services. [pii_email_7eb02f1b0c1bfe07f71d] Real estate owners seeking multi-million dollow financing, secured by income-producing property is at an all time high.

International Real Estate Loans

In our international funding programs you will be working with clients throughout the world, you will be making valuable contacts that could last a lifetime. If you like the intrigue of international business you may want to specialize in this area. Minimum loan amount is $3,000,000 dollars

Venture Capital / Equity Funding

Money-Business capital-the fuel that fires the engine of Global Business. If your client has an idea for a new product or service, or wish to expand their business, the right financing can be the key to their success. With banks and other traditional lenders being less than receptive to new ideas and business, will open many doors for your capital problems financial services provided by eMoney Broker program.

Whisper to any business in America or around the world today an let them know that you have access to venture capital, and your phone won’t stop ringing. [pii_email_7eb02f1b0c1bfe07f71d] Not only is venture capital strong in it’s own right, but it is also an excellent lead generator to obtain prospects for other types of financing such as factoring or asset based lending.

Business Capital

S.B.I.C.’s ( Small Business Investment Companies) and M.E.S.B.I.C.’s ( Minority Enterprise Small Business Invesment Companies) are financial institutions created to make equity capital and long-term crredit available to small independent businesses. They are licensed by the federal government’s Small Business Administration, but are privately organized and privately managed firms which set their own policies and make their own investment decisions(pledging to finance only small businesses). Literally thousands of owners of profitable businesses can tell you how much they have benefited from the dollars and management conseling made availaable to them by S.B.I.C. and M.E.S.B.I.C. lenders.


Cash Flow Brokering

The cash flow broker is essentially interest in matching sellers with buyers. The broker identifies sellers with particular needs and connects them with buyers prepared to meet the sellers’ needs. The broker the transaction for a fee.

Five Basic Cash Flow Income Stream Categories

  • Business-based
  • Collateral-based
  • Consumer-based
  • Government-based
  • Insurance-based

Business-based income streams

  • Royalty Payments
  • Business Notes
  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Contracts

Collateral-based income streams

  • Propery Leases
  • Tax Certificates
  • Automobile Notes and Leases
  • Recreational Vehicle
  • Business Vehicle Notes and Leases
  • Marine Notes and Lease
  • Aerospace Notes and Leases
  • Mobile Home Notes and Leases
  • Equipment Notes and Leases
  • Vendor Paper
  • Real Estate Notes and Mortgages

Consumer-based income streams

  • Credit Card Debt
  • Student Loans
  • Club Memberships

Government-based income streams

  • Lottery Winnings
  • Tax Refunds

Insurance-based income streams

  • Annuities
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Viatical Settlement
  • Structured Settlement
  • Inheritances



Business Plan Services And Business Plan Review

This consulting service is offered to clients who already have a basic or preliminary draft business plan but need an impartial professional review to ensure that it meets expected professional standards. [pii_email_7eb02f1b0c1bfe07f71d] Prices generally range from $1,000 depending on the complexity of the business plan and extent of development. Please send us a copy of the plan in Microsoft Word document format for a quotation.

Our review only service provides an impartial, objective critique and suggestions on areas that need improvement to bring the plan up to the standards expected by investors and lenders. The client can then decide whether to request that we perform the recommended editing and revisions.

  1. Business Plan Editing/ Revision. Prices generally range from $2,600 depending on the complexity of the business plan and extent of development. Please send us a copy of the plan in Microsoft Word document format for a quotation. Our Editing/ Revision service includes the Review service in item A above, plus editing and revising the plan in accordance with our review recommendations as approved by the client. Clients who have initially contracted and paid for the Review only service will receive a discount rebate of 75% of the Review price paid. A full rebate is not offered due to discontinuity in workflow efficiencies.
  2. Business Plan Development. This consulting service is provided to clients who do not have but require assistance in developing a full business plan that we would prepare in joint collaboration with the client, customized for their specific needs. The process involves interactive involvement from both parties that combines input from the client’s business vision, experience, knowledge, data and industry related statistics with our business plan expertise and insight of investor/lender expectations to produce a professional and effective document. The client thus plays an important and critical role in providing the company related specific data that we would request as needed. Prices for this service generally range from $6,000 for normal cases but can be much higher depending on complexity and amount of information and data available from the client.