How to create account on Instagram median technologies

How to create account on Instagram median technologies

Instagram started as a mobile app that was made available for downloading on iOS and Android devices. It was soon made available for tablets as well as for the Windows phones. Instagram is a unique social media site that exists as a mobile app primarily and then provides a secondary level access through one’s computer. You need to download the appropriate app for your smartphone. Once you have created an account on Instagram through your phone, you will be able to view your Instagram posts through the computer.

In order to start using and create account on Instagram you need to do the following:

  • Download the Instagram app for your iOS device through the Apple store or for your Android phone through Google Play store. For Windows phones the Windows Phone store offers the app for fee.
  • The app needs to be installed and then  opened on your phone.
  • You need to enter your email address and then tap on Next. You could also opt to login using your Facebook details.
  • If you decide to register with your email address, you would have to create a username and password. You will be asked to create a profile after which the registration process is completed.
  • When you register in, you will be asked to log into your Facebook account and then provide access to your profile and contacts information.

You will find details on how to take a photo or record a video through the Instagram app. In order to update your profile information, you need to go to the profile icon. You need to tap on the edit option. You can change your name, username and add on a website or bio about yourself in the profile section.

If you are wondering how to open an Instagram account through your PC, it is possible. For those who do not have a smartphone to use this camera and social network app, they can stay in touch with friends and upload their photos through Instagram account on their PC. The app needs to be simulated on your computer in order to get an Instagram account working on your PC.

If you download Bluestacks app player, you will find the version available for Windows or for Mac systems. The Bluestack app player will emulate the Android operating system on your computer and allow the app to run on your computer. Once this player is installed on your computer, you can access Google Play and download the app or download the APK file for Instagram and installing it manually. Once you have downloaded Instagram through Bluestack, you will be able to install the app on your computer. It will prompt you to register as the app does on your phone. You can choose to create a profile for Instagram or login with Facebook account. In such ways your Instagram account will be working on your computer and you can upload photos from your computer directly.

Gmail Login Process – Register median technologies

Are you one of those people embarking upon the world of emails? Indeed, there are millions of first time users of email accounts who are joining the world of online communication everyday. Google is one of the famed online organizations that not only offers a reliable and intuitive search engine portal but it also offers a free and reliable email service called Gmail. Gmail was made popular by Google but it soon became the preferred choice for many email users due to the stability, reliability and innovative features it offers.

When you are looking to open an email account, you need to consider a number of factors. An email account needs to be with a service provider who can offer you a secure portal and server space for your mails. Indeed, an email account will be your companion for several years and hence, it will store years of vital communication and information that you have received over such a period of time. For such reasons, the email service provider should be able to provide a secure and reliable platform and offer consistent service over the years. Thus, when you are seeking an email service, ensure that you research on such aspects before you sign up for an account.

The process of signing up for an email account at Gmail is surprisingly easy. Even with the fanfare that Gmail enjoys, it will not make you feel overwhelmed and confused when you proceed to open an account with this service provider. Once the registration process is completed, you can then proceed to login Gmail account and access your email inbox and folders.

The login process is an easy one in Gmail. The domain when typed on your browser window will open up a simple page with Gmail login box in the center of it. You need to proceed by typing in your username and password by which you have registered your account.

Once you have typed in such details, you could choose to save the password or stay signed in. Such an option makes sense when you are the sole user of the computer you are using and need to access your account frequently. When you choose such an option, the inbox will open up every time you wish to access your inbox without directing you to the login box. This will continue till your internet connection is active and your browser remains open.

In case you have forgotten your password, you could ask for a reset link to be sent to your alternate email address or seek a verification code to be sent to your phone number registered with Gmail. These are also steps of the 2-step verification process which can be activated for Gmail login. Such a process is advised when you log in from shared computers and from different places. This process will ensure that your account is difficult to hack into. In such ways Gmail ensures secure access to your account every time.

Create an Account Twitter median technologies  

While Twitter is one of the earlier social networking sites, there are still many users who are signing up or looking for methods to sign up for an account on this renown social network site. The process of signing up for a Twitter account is easy. It is a micro blogging site that has taken the world by storm and continues to grow in popularity. The steps for signing up for a Twitter account are few and easily followed:

  • You need to type in the domain address to visit the site.
  • The sign up space is given below the sign in form. It appears on the main page.
  • When you click on the sign up link, you will be redirected to the registration page.
  • The sign in process requires some basic information to be keyed in such as your full name, a username and password as well as email address to get started.
  • Choosing the username might be tricky as it needs to be less than fifteen characters and needs to be available for use.
  • You can check on the box given if you wish to stay signed in to your Twitter account. This is possible if you are using your own computer.
  • You could also tailor Twitter as per the websites you visit frequently.
  • After you have checked on the terms and conditions, you can opt to click on creating your account.

Once the basic sign up process is completed, you need to build your Twitter account by entering profile details. You can start by choosing celebrities you wish to follow on Twitter. Though it is optional, many love to find the celebrities they love and choose to follow them on Twitter. You can then choose to follow others you know on Twitter. You will need to grant access to your email contacts from where Twitter will draw out a list of people who have Twitter accounts. You can choose to follow them one by one or simply by choosing to follow all.

In order to become an avid Twitter, you need to start by creating an interesting profile of yourself. Add on a profile photo as well as header photo for your account. You need to add your name as well as website if any, location and other details if you wish to. You can link to your Facebook account a well. Once all such details are added, you can start tweeting and sending across short, witty messages which will be picked up by those whom you follow. Others who view your tweets might be encouraged to follow you back. In such ways one can build a follower base. If you have an online portal or forum that you run, developing an active follower base would be great for your online business. You can tweet update about your work or business and that will encourage others to know or find out more about your work or business online.