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The Bestar Hampton Corner Desk has a Five Star ***** Review on Amazon

So we figured it had to be something special. We decided to read all of the reviews that we could find on the desk to see if we wanted to buy it.

After reading all of the reviews that I could find on the Bestar Elite Home Office Corner Wood Computer Desk, I started to notice a common theme. Everyone that has bought the desk loves it because it’s a great value, a great finish, and very sturdy and durable.


    “The desk is stunning when it’s completed. Its sturdy and of very good quality. I find it very ergonomic and I would highly suggest this to someone who is at their desk for extended hours.”

    “What a great desk! The monitor stand-alone can easily accommodate 2x 27′ LCDs side-by-side if needed. As a computer gamer I was interested in a desk that could accommodate such large monitors.”

    “This desk is perfect for my needs. It is solid and has plenty of space. I work from home and on the computer 8-12 hours per day. The monitor platform easily accommodates my dual 20″ wide screen monitors. The space below is perfect for those things I need to keep at hand, and for my laptop docking station. It looks very nice with my other office furniture of the same finish and blends right in.”

If you have a home office and you need a desk that gives you all of the storage space that you need at an affordable price, the Bestar Home Office Corner Desk has received some of the best reviews we’ve ever seen for a desk.

The reason that this desk is so great is because it is large and yet easily folds into the corner of the room so that you can maximize the space of the area. All in all, we’ve found that reviewers had great things to say about the Bestar Hampton desk, and we were really thrilled to see that everyone raved about how well the monitor fit onto the desk.

This desk is a great way to update your home office. Its sleek styling and its beautiful wood finish make it a winning choice for your office if you already have wood furniture or even if you don’t.

Another great feature of this desk is its size. The L shape of the corner desk makes it easy to store all of your office paperwork and items neatly so that you can keep things organized and still readily accessible.

So why should you buy the Bestar Hampton Wood Home Office Desk?

    Scratch, scuff, and shock resistant

    Durable construction

    Commercial grade materials

    Large storage compartment


    Elevated monitor display area

    Keyboard tray

    Ample desk space

    Sleek, stunning appearance

Another great thing about this particular desk is that you can buy it on Amazon and have it shipped directly to your home. From what reviewers have said about the desk, shipping is very quick (even from Canada to Florida), and you won’t have to go out of your way to pick the desk up from a retail store. Amazon also has the best prices on this particular desk, so you can buy it online and receive it within just a few days at a great price.

Adding this new furniture piece to your home office or your business office will give you a welcome way to work with everything that you need readily within your reach. With some desks, it’s hard to have everything that you need at hand because you just don’t have enough desk space. With the Bestar Hampton Corner Desk, you don’t have to worry about that. You will have two sides to keep your phone, your office equipment, printer, and everything else that you need to stay productive.

Great for People that Work from Home

Reviewers that work from home found this desk to be a great addition to their office because it left the space feeling less cramped. They also said they were able to get organized and stay that way with the additional desk space that this particular desk has. This is one of the best desks that we have ever seen, and we love the ergonomic design and the complete workstation that you get with this model.

Tuscany brown is one of the most popular colors of this desk, but you can also buy it in a sand granite charcoal finish. If you have more of a gray or black and white tone in your office, the sand granite charcoal is a great choice. It’s got a more contemporary, modern look than the traditional style of the Tuscany brown desk, but both are stunning and give you the desk space that you need to be productive throughout your workday.

Bestar Hampton Home Office Computer DeskWhy do So Many Reviewers Rave About this Desk?

What we’ve found is that it’s a combination of factors. The price, the appearance, and the size of this desk make it a great buy. Reviewers also talk about how sturdy the desk is.

One reviewer called the quality “impressive.” The same reviewer also said, “This desk is large. Just look at the pictures to get an idea how big this desk is. For the price, this desk is a steal.” So all in all, we have very high standards as far as desks go, but we are thrilled that we found this one. The reviews on this desk say it all. With the Bestar Hampton Wood Home Office Corner Desk, you’ll be getting a spacious, stunning desk at a great value that will stand up and hold everything that you need it to. That is one of the most important things that we have found when buying a desk. It needs to be able to look great, hold everything, and be able to endure some wear and tear. We know now that we’ve found a winner with the Bestar Hampton corner desk