Making Memories With Your Family Travel – network multi family

Making Memories With Your Family Travel – network multi family

Vacations Are Valuable For Making Memories 

As I write this, I’ve just returned from a trip designed for making memories. I took my seven year-old son, David, on a short trip to the Everglades. 

We went there because he loves reptiles, especially alligators. We brought two of his best buddies-stuffed alligators. David wanted to show them where they came from. 

I let him decide everything we did: where we went, what we saw, what we ate. He even picked the rental car (PT Cruisers come at a premium). 

This trip fulfilled many of his dreams: airboat ride, lots of close-up gator sightings, a trek on the everglades bike path, and even holding a baby alligator. We were making memories that we would both carry for our lifetimes.

Here’s the wonderful part: on the drive home from the airport, I asked him “David, what did you like most about our trip?” I expected him to say “holding the alligator” or “squirt gun fights in the pool”. But what he said really touched my heart: 

“Dad, the best part was spending time with you”

Just like the credit card commercials: Priceless 

As you look back on your life, you’ll likely find that some of your best and most vivid memories are from vacations. This truth became clear to me a few years ago. 

Capturing Memories

As a combined Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gift, the siblings on both sides of our family gave our parents “Memory Boxes”. Click Here to learn where I got this wonderful idea.

Basically, I had a bunch of 4″ x 6″ cards printed up that said “I Remember When…” Each child was tasked with filing out 100 of these with memories from our family. When they were completed, we put them in a decorative box with a family photo on the top. The box sits on a coffee table, and our parents can read a few cards each day and remember things from our past. 

Here’s what amazed me about my memories as I wrote out my 100 memory cards: 

Most of my memories were from trips we took as a family

Family travel offered focused, quality time. Memories are created while traveling and vacationing. I’m seeing the same thing as my children are growing. That’s why I took this Everglades trip with David.

Research confirms that vacation experiences generally become imbedded in our brain’s long term memory. We forget most of the mundane, routine things we do. This truth is important to anyone interested in making memories. This same research also revealed that people who make planned, annual vacations a high priority have:

My wife is a respected Marriage and Family Therapist. She recognizes the great potential for making memories with family travel. She is always planning the next two or three get-a-ways. She’d far rather live a modest lifestyle allowing time and money for family travel than spending all of our funds on other things. 

The main theme of this web site is travel accessories, but I since I know some “insiders secrets” for great travel, I’ve decided to share them with you.


“Introducing Some Of The Best Kept Secrets In The Vacation Industry”

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The places listed are what we use ourselves. They have been found by my wife’s countless hours of planning trips for us and many relatives. We’ve also discovered some through other well-traveled friends. 

Are you looking for ideas about where to take a family beach vacation? 


The Laptop Travel Accessory Kit – network multi family

How Often Do You Find Yourself Saying: “I Wish I Had A Laptop Travel Accessory Kit”

Until I found this great laptop travel accessory kit, I was fumbling with many individual laptop travel accessories. I used zip-lock bags and twist-ties to keep everything straight. It looked more like I was carrying my lunch than all my laptop travel accessories. 

Buying all the laptop travel components separately got somewhat expensive. I kept wondering, “why doesn’t someone package all these things together in one handy travel case and sell them as a kit?” 

Well someone finally has! 

This laptop travel accessory kit has everything you need and it all fits into one small, handy, protective travel and storage case. No more zip-lock bags and twist ties for me! 

Hi, I’m Pilot Paul. Welcome aboard. At Pilot Paul’s Travel Accessories, we strive to find, review, and recommend outstanding travel accessories. 

That’s why I’m excited to review and recommend this laptop travel accessory kit -it’s a great travel accessory and a great value. 

Here are all the terrific things that come in this laptop travel accessory kit:

  • You eliminate wires with this wireless optical mouse. The transmitter/receiver unit plugs into your laptop’s USB port. Note- If you don’t want a wireless mouse, there is a model available with a USB cable for $10 less. 
  • The other wires that you might need are enclosed in separate retractable storage cases. They include:

8-ft. Ethernet cable

7-ft. phone cable

Comfortable soft-tip rubber earbuds with an in-flight stereo adapter. You can listen to music while you work.

  • My favorite part, a bright LED light. This lets you work with great, focused lighting and not disturb others.

The wireless mouse requires two AAA batteries. It will work with Macs and any Windows® 98 and up.

The travel/storage case is a mere 8″ x 4 1/2″ x 2″. That will slip into any carry-on bag or laptop briefcase. 

The entire unit weighs only one pound.

All these things together cost less than if you were to buy the pieces separately.

It comes with a 90-day warranty. If you’re like me and you are a little rough on things, you can get two or three replacement guarantees for a very reasonable price. You likely couldn’t get that for individually bought components. So that’s a great value too. 

A laptop travel accessory kit like this is hard to find. I’ve found a great merchant who sells these. 

To get your laptop travel accessory kit, just click on the link below:
Sharper Image Executive Laptop Accessory Kit (SR282)

If you don’t want the wireless mouse, here’s the laptop travel accessory kit that’s $10 less and has a mini optical mouse with a retractable USB cable. 

This one also does not include the retractable phone cable that is in the other laptop travel accessory kit.