Key trends in digital marketing for last quarter of 2021

Key trends in digital marketing for last quarter of 2021

As the last quarter approaches, there is always a huge interest in marketing trends and innovations. And rightly so, as looking at digital marketing, technology and platform innovation a year ahead can help marketers identify new opportunities. They will not only help your company stay afloat, but also outflank your competitors. Perhaps this is the main reason why it is important to track trends and innovations if you are interested in the topic of digital marketing.


Every year, with the development of technology, new Internet marketing tools appear. Some are transforming, while others do not lose their relevance over the years. But how do you know what to focus on in order to keep up with the times? You will find the answer to this question below. Here are key trends that can be exploited by companies and aspiring entrepreneurs to grow in 2021:


Video streaming

Streaming space is getting very popular. Pandemic made it possible for platforms like Twitch. There are millions of viewers and creators streaming and playing 24/7. You can visit Twitch any part of the day and watch big or small creators streaming different things. If you want to get popular on that platform, then you should buy Twitch followers. You’ll get an organic boost along with the algorithmic recommendations. 


Artificial Intelligence


Currently, artificial intelligence is increasingly beginning to penetrate into various areas, including marketing. The main purpose of use is to maximize, improve communication, analyze customer data and track sales. In addition, AI helps enterprises predict customer behavior patterns, reduce workloads, and solve other complex tasks for employees.


In fact, you have been exposed to it more than you think. Typically, you can see ads that match your social media search results. According to statistics, 57% of marketers today use AI in their processes and strategies. It is expected to grow by about 53% next year.


Voice Search Technology

Everyone is used to looking for information on the Internet using the keyboard. However, this can also be done using voice search technology. Today it can be done from almost any of your gadgets. For example, from smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart speakers, etc. Many studies show that 70% of searches will be performed using voice search by 2021. This will have a big impact on your search tendency for long keywords and conversations.


Perhaps you can safely add video marketing to the list of Internet marketing trends in 2021. You can’t ignore the fact that 60% of customers say watching a video before buying will help them get a clearer picture of the product, thus making them more confident in purchasing.


If the content of the video has value, then it will be more engaging for customers, especially videos with a high-quality experience. DIY videos, founder stories, videos with local filmmakers telling relevant stories will bring you closer to your audience. All of these will help you sell better indirectly and strengthen your brand. Take, for example, the first thing that comes to your mind when you buy a product. Of course, the following questions will come to mind:


  • What it is?;
  • When should I buy it ?;
  • How can I buy it ?;
  • Is it good or not ?;
  • How much does it cost?;
  • Why do I need it?