I was sued as my dog bit someone. How can a lawyer help me?

I was sued as my dog bit someone. How can a lawyer help me?

Practically, a dog bite case can be solved mutually by agreeing on a specific monetary term between you and the person who was bitten by your dog. But sometimes, the person your dog bit can cause legal cases after being bitten, and the dog owner can be liable for all his medical bills. To defend a dog bite lawsuit, you must have legal precautions and required documents which, if legally strong, can help you save a good amount of money. It is always better to contact a personal injury lawyer like the Cedar Rapids personal injury lawyer.


Step 1.

After your dog has bitten someone, the first step for you to do is to check if your dog’s vaccination status is up to date. You will be getting a vaccination card from the Vet clinic; check the card or talk in the clinic if they have records.


Step 2.

After that, you must prepare to quarantine your dog in a local public health center or with vets. Certain observations can be done with your pet to ensure it doesn’t fall under the category of dangerous dogs.


Step 3.

After you have done these, you would need to check the homeowner’s policy which will help you to cover all the medical and hospital expenses.


Followed by

If the person who your dog bit decides to sue you in court, your insurance company will generally hire a personal injury law attorney to represent you in court and defend delegations against you.


Role of the attorney

An experienced attorney could bring up strong arguments against the person who sued you; arguments like the person who was bitten provoked your dog, he was trespassing, etc.

You might need to take responsibility for your dog, but you can prove that your claims are enough through strong arguments and other factors. Personal injury lawyers are generally good at handling these matters.


Wrapping up

A dog bite may cause a legal headache to you, but it is better to handle such cases after contacting a legal advisory like a personal injury lawyer. Mostly, your insurance company covers your expenses in such cases, but you may be able to pay a huge amount by taking legal advice first. Having a lawyer by your side will decrease your possibility of getting into more legal trouble.