How to Find a Talk

How to Find a Talk

Who owns TED?

TED talks are presentations that combine a new idea with a compelling, visual presentation. They are intended to engage the audience and encourage them to participate. They are hosted on and are free to view online. One of the most popular speakers on the site is comedian Hannah Gadsby, who quit comedy in 2017 after the premiere of her show “Nanette.” In her TED talk, she speaks about the importance of knowing one’s purpose and being true to oneself.

The TED team has a blog dedicated to TED events. In addition to covering current TED events, the website has daily posts on ideas and new TED videos. The TED blog focuses on TED talks and TED-related topics. This helps users find a TED talk on any topic they are interested in. And, the curated TED video library has more than three thousand videos ranging from music to politics to sports.

TED also has podcasts. The TED Podcast features interviews with famous speakers and thought leaders. The videos are usually around 45 minutes long, and they can be found on the TED website. The TED Blog contains articles related to the TED events and the TED Ideas blog. Using the TED website is a great way to learn something new every day. While it’s easy to find a TED podcast, it’s even better to download the audio file to listen to later.

What is TED site?

TED is a nonprofit organization that hosts conferences to spread ideas. It started as a conference about Technology, Entertainment, and Design, and has expanded its focus to nearly every topic in the world. Today, TED events are broadcast in more than 110 languages and are a powerful tool to spread ideas and inspire action. You can also view videos from TED by following the links below. These videos will inspire you to learn something new.

TED Podcasts have a large number of different genres. While the TED podcasts cover a variety of topics, TED interviews feature speakers who have given TED talks. They can talk about their background, their latest projects, their motivation, and their plans for the future. The podcasts are free to download and can be accessed on This is one of the most popular ways to learn about TED and its founders. is a nonprofit that creates short, animated educational videos for a wide range of audiences. Originally, TED was a conference about Technology, Entertainment, and Design, but today, TED reaches every corner of the globe. Some of the topics covered include science, education, and social justice. The TED podcasts are available in over 100 languages and have become an invaluable resource for the world. They are a great way to learn about the latest ideas in the world.