How to Convert XLM to BTC on Godex?

How to Convert XLM to BTC on Godex?

Description: In this article, you will learn how to convert Lumens (XLM) to Bitcons (BTC) on

How to Convert XLM to BTC on Godex?

Converting cryptocurrencies one to another has never been so fast and easy. Five clicks and several minutes, and your exchange is completed – isn’t it a wonder? With Godex, you can convert any cryptocurrencies you want to convert to any other. Do you want to exchange your Lumen coins to Bitcoins? There is no problem. A few quick clicks, and your exchange will be completed. 

In this article, you will find out more information about how to convert, for example, Stellar Lumens to Bitcoins. You will learn more about each step of this process: how long it takes and why Godex is a great service for you to exchange your cryptocoins. 

Exchange Your Lumens to Bitcoins

When you decide to complete xlm to btc conversion on Godex, you have to complete several fast steps. Completing all of them will guarantee you a successful conversion you were looking for. Here you can find out more about each of these steps: how they are completed and how much time will it take for you to successfully exchange Lumens to Bitcoins. We will go together from step 1 to step 5 to make sure that every step is explained to you not to get confused in the future.

Important fact. Godex does not collect any type of information about its users, neither financial nor personal. To complete a conversion of crypto coins, you do not need to create an account. It is up to you. The whole essence of this platform is based on the idea of anonymity, which it highly respected.

Step 1

This step is the most important and the easiest one at the same time. Choose what cryptocurrency you wish to convert, what amount of crypto coins are you ready to exchange, and how many crypto coins you will get after the conversion process. It consists of five quick actions, such as:

  • Go to;
  • In “You send” field, the left one, choose XLM (Stellar Lumen cryptocurrency symbol);
  • In “You get” field, the right one, choose BTC (Bitcoin cryptocurrency symbol);
  • In one of the fields write a number of crypto coins you wish to sell or buy. The Godex system will automatically calculate the amount of crypto coins you will receive or need to spend;
  • Click a big “Exchange” button.  

Step 2

Now you’ll see a new field. You need to write the “Destination address” and the “Sender address” of your XLM and BTC crypto wallets respectively. It is important for you to fill in these fields correctly. Godex will connect to them in order to complete an exchange. Check information before clicking an “Exchange” button. 

Step 3

After entering all required information, Godex will ask you to send a deposit. Don’t be scared, it is a usual procedure. The service does it in order to start an exchange process without problems. 

Godex will send you a unique deposit address, generated for you. All you need to do is send a required number of crypto coins. When the Godex receives them, the exchange process will begin. After receiving your crypto coins’ deposit, the deposit address will be erased not to be used twice.

Step 4

Now the transaction itself happens. At this stage, no actions from you are required. You do not need to worry about how exchange goes. Godex algorithms will find the best exchange rates available fast. “How fast?”, you may ask. The time required strongly depends on two factors: the quality of your internet connection and the length of confirmation period. Usually, the exchange process takes 5 – 30 minutes. Godex will inform you when your exchange is completed.

Step 5

The last step is the completion of your exchange. All you need to do is view the results of your cryptocurrencies exchange on the page “Completed” if you want to. Your crypto coins are converted, and you can start a new exchange. 

If you see that some mistake has occurred or your exchange wasn’t successful for some reason, make sure to complete these actions:

  1. Check all information you used to fill in the fields. Make sure that all the data is correct. If you see that you’ve made any mistake, contact Godex support in order to change information;
  2. Once you make sure that all data is correct, but an exchange is not complete for some unknown reason, please contact the Godex support team. Available 24/7, its managers will contact you via email. All you need to do is inform them that a mistake has occurred.

Now you know exactly how to convert cryptocurrencies with Godex and what to do if something goes wrong. Feel free to start your exchange today with someone you can trust.