How Does Social media audit Support Your Customer Service?

How Does Social media audit Support Your Customer Service?

Any business plan in modern times needs to consider incorporating social media. Companies need to listen to conversations about their products, services, and processes to reach the overall targeted audience with insightful content. With social media audit, you can accomplish this goal. Most businesses may think that the process is all about keeping tabs on brand mentions and prompt responses.


Through social media audit, you can listen to multiple conversations on the internet. Businesses could monitor discussions on news websites, blogs, and online communities. Brands can determine what is said regarding a certain brand, product, individual, or issue. You can search for references to your actions, brand, and campaigns.


Identify Vulnerable Clients

Just like an airline would seek out a stranded passenger, your business can detect vulnerable customers through social media audit. If you have a dissatisfied client, you could always reach out before the issue gets into the public domain. Regardless of the reason behind customer satisfaction, NetBase Quid can offer you the right tool to identify these posts. You could also get fast alerts on similar posts and handle them within the shortest time.


Take Proactive Steps

Recognizing meaningful discussions which indirectly mention your business is an exceptional way to regain the trust of your customers. The idea is to share helpful tips and relevant information on your site. Behavioral economics suggests that such strategies can play in your favor.


If the audience is presented with your brand later, they are likely to view your brand as a favorable option. British Gas adopted this plan to forge relationships with crucial stakeholders and influencers. It led to a significant influence on the score of their business sentiment.


Share Conversations Among Customers

You can use the available social media audit tools on NetBase Quid to share client discussions throughout your business. Brands can get fast access to the right resources that provide excellent customer experiences. Through indulging in the topics at hand, professionals in your company can help clients with a wide array of issues. Agents could offer more extensive responses within less time and eventually drive high ratings for customer satisfaction.


Get Information on Rival Brands

Monitor rival brands and discover things that work or displease their audience to avoid similar drawbacks in customer support. The response rate from Facebook could be used to check out the responses of your competitors on their pages. Facebook provides a badge for companies that respond promptly to messages.


It shows you the pages that have consistent and fast responses to private messages. Pages need at least a 90% response rate to earn the badge. Their response time should also be 15 minutes for at least seven days in a row.


Bottom Line

Through monitoring relevant mentions regarding your industry, you can get advice from experts at NetBase Quid on how to apply the information. Prospective and existing clients are likely to contact your brand if you have a high response rate. When you are unavailable online, it is crucial that you provide alternative means for clients to reach your support team.