eMoney Broker Network hillstone networks [pii_email_04576e753ae98a8f1b19]

eMoney Broker Network hillstone networks [pii_email_04576e753ae98a8f1b19]

Demand For Money

[pii_email_04576e753ae98a8f1b19] The need to borrow money for both personal and business purposes has never been greater. You will find that the money brokerage business is extremely lucrative because there is a HUGE LOAN MARKET for Commercial, Residential and Business loans. In fact, there are several million commercial loans made annually, many of which range from $500 thousand to $20 million dollars. This is a typical range for commercial properties loans at today’s costs. There are also those that exceed a hundred million, and in some instances, we have seen loan request on high rise buildings that have reached $ 655 million.

[pii_email_04576e753ae98a8f1b19] Today’s ever changing and intensely competitive world business climate demands that those of us in the business of providing financial services rethink and redefine our services to meet the challenges that face our clients in the development and expansion of their businesses.

eMoney Broker network was established to fulfill the ever growing need to provide effective support and resources for its members and clients in their ever increasing need for capital.

Top 5% Income Earners

[pii_email_04576e753ae98a8f1b19] Earnings of successful money brokers are in the top 5% of the country and, as an money broker, you can earn even more money than doctors, attorneys, and other professionals and executives. That fact is one on the reasons that many professionals and executives have become members with us. Interestingly enough the path only seems to go one way, as none of our successful members have ever felt the need to become Doctors, Attorney’s, CPA’s, etc. The amazing part is that it is easy to get started and to receive our training manuals, which gives you the knowledge and information you need to put your feet on the ground and run straight to success in this lucrative profession.


Everyone Needs Capital

Remember: There’s a big world out there that needs the ultimate product…capital. Never lose sigh of the fact that the need is continually out there and, as a member of eMoney Broker, you can be there to fill that need. You will truly be helping to turn the wheels of commerce.

Once requested, you will receive and find significant and helpful information, as well as important documents to be completed and returned to us. Once you receive your merbership materials, you’ll be on your way to the lifestyle of your dreams!


Who Should Join Our Network

  • You’re a money broker and have been operating for as long as one year or more and have not yet earned your first commission.
  • You are a beginner, just starting out in the money business, and want to earn your first commission within the shortest time possible.
  • You’re confused as to where to start, and start right in the money business to be able to make serious money within a reasonable time period.
  • You or your client have paid an up front fee to other brokers or so-called “lenders” hoping to get a loan funded.
  • You want to know what books to read, newsletters to subscribe to and where to advertise your financial services.
  • You have attempted several international or offshore lending institutions as a broker and have failed.
  • You are currently advertising for potential clients and lending sources in free-ad newsletters. A very deadly beginner’s error.
  • You have sent at least three loan packages to lenders or brokers and they have not generated any commissions for you.
  • You’re interested in the money business and want to learn it through a carefully structured training system to ensure your immediate success.
  • You want to learn how to generate genuine viable loan propositions through a failsafe ingenious advertising technique.
  • You’re an attorney, an accountant, a clergyman, a salesman, a real estate broker or other professional looking for legitimate sideline business that could possibly earn you handsome commissions, perhaps for the rest for your life.
  • You are tired of dealing with other loan brokers who only “talk” the business and have never performed.
  • You’re retired and want to profit from a business opportunity that can be operated at your leisure.
  • If any of the above statements applies to you, you should immediately request to become a member of the eMoney Broker Network.

By Having Contacts and The know-how

As you know, in today’s economy it’s “who you know” that counts. When you know who to phone or write, you’ll be on your way to wonderful success as a finance broker. eMoney Broker network will help you establish these contacts and provide you with specific names and addresses that you can do business with right away. The particular lending sources eMoney Broker introduces you to want to make loans. It’s good business, and their business is making loans–not rejecting them.


[pii_email_04576e753ae98a8f1b19] Benefits of Membership

Our membership is comprised of individuals,small financial services providers,brokers,investors,borrowers,individuals and corportation.As a Member of our Network, you will be part of an International Network of professionals in the financial services industry.


  • Investment Opportunity
  • Funding Opportunity
  • Business Opportunity
  • Deal Flow Opportunity
  • Appointment Opportunity

You Will Receive

  • A custom Website with your company name,logo and contact information. Services and Products you provide.
  • Access to members only website
  • Opportunity to Post your projects for funding.
  • Marketing and Training Tools
  • Domain name registration service


Loan Guarantees

Discover how to cash in big on the huge demand for legitimate guarantees, Letters Of Credit, and Other Collateral Options To Back Up Loans! Learn to profit from options such as ˜ Venture Capital Guarantees ˜ Arbitrage “loans” ˜ Letters of Credit ˜ Surety Bond Guarantees ˜ Self-Liquidating “loans” ˜ Prime Bank Guarantees ˜ Rentable Collateral ˜ Working Capital Guarantees ˜ Investor Protector – Money for Rent – Assets For Rent or Lease – Co-Signing ˜ Roll programs ˜ 100% no money down plans, and many more…. Interested? Join us as a Specialty Guarantee Consultant in this rapidly growing segment of the financial service industry! Dear Friend: I want you to forget everything you’ve assumed to be “true” about guarantees. Forget about the advance-fee scams and other gimmicks you hear a lot about these days, but usually end up in a never-ending chain. Until now, a veil of secrecy has shrouded the world of loan guarantees. In fact information as simple as how deals are structured and with whom has been known only to a lucky few. But, when you join eMoney Broker, that’s exactly the kind of shrewd know how you’ll get plus certain inside information and tricks of the trade to protect lenders against bankruptcy.


International Credit Card [pii_email_04576e753ae98a8f1b19]

“NEW”International Credit Card comes with a credit line of $100,000, It comes with ATM capacity. It requires a security deposit of $10,000.00.

Pre-Paid Legal Plan

Legal Service Plans – Pre-Paid Legal offers Legal Service Plans to provide access to justice for middle income individuals,families and Businesses. Our plans are designed with the cost-conscious consumer in mind. Have you ever wanted legal advice on a credit matter? Have you ever wanted legal assistance with the purchase of a home? Have you ever needed legal services in writing or revising your Will? For just pennies a day, you can protect you and your family’s legal rights. To see how a Pre-Paid Legal plan can benefit you. To Learn More

For a low monthly fee, you can have access to valuable benefits that cover the most common legal needs that you will encounter.

Pre-Paid Legal’s plans and benefits vary by state and province. Please ask about your state or province for benefits available in your area.