How can you help cancer patients by cutting your hair? health solutions one [pii_email_2865ddd927d568fb7708]

How can you help cancer patients by cutting your hair? health solutions one [pii_email_2865ddd927d568fb7708]

[pii_email_2865ddd927d568fb7708] Magazines are always lauding praise on celebrities who donate their belongings to different causes. What you probably didn’t know is that anyone can donate something that can make a difference: their hair. Human hair is perfect for cancer wigs, allowing patients to look natural even when they undergo chemotherapy. Even monofilament wigs, which allow the natural skin color to show through, can be made from human hair.

Anyone can donate their hair for cancer patients. All one has to do is go to a salon and say they want their hair to be used for cancer wigs. The stylist will know how to cut it and the hair will be sent to make wigs for patients with cancer. There are even salons that give customers a free haircut because of the donation. After the stylist cuts your hair, you can mail it to organizations that can turn it into beautiful wigs for cancer patients. [pii_email_2865ddd927d568fb7708] The wigs are not usually free, but recipients are charged on a sliding scale based on ability to pay. Most of the times these are children under the age of 18.

The stylist has to tie the hair in a pony tail and cut off most of it. As you will donate it for cancer wigs, you will probably need to have long hair. Most organizations that make monofilament wigs for cancer patients require a certain length: usually from 10 to 14 inches. [pii_email_2865ddd927d568fb7708] It takes a few inches of hair to make the actual wig, and most patients, especially girls and young women, wish to wear long wigs.

In order for your hair to be suitable for cancer wigs, it has to be virgin hair – meaning it has not been bleached or permed. However, if it was colored without bleaching, it may still be acceptable. If the hair has been darkened back to its natural hair color, this does not usually hurt the wig making process. Remember that monofilament wigs for cancer patients need to look natural, and hair has to look healthy. Cancer wigs are worn more for functionality than being fashionable.

If you know you want to donate your hair but do not know how, contact your local chapter of the Cancer Society – they will tell you exactly what to do. Local hair stylists might also collaborate with organizations that manufacture monofilament wigs, so it would be a good idea to ask them too. [pii_email_2865ddd927d568fb7708] It also doesn’t hurt to do some research on organization you want to donate your hair to. For instance, “Locks of Love” is the best known organization that makes free wigs for sick children; however, children who have cancer cannot benefit from those wigs, as the organization only gives wigs away to children who suffer from long – term medical hair loss. Wearing wigs has become very popular, and sometimes you can even get good money by selling your hair for wig use.

Wigs or no wigs? health solutions one

Chemotherapy is a very painful process for cancer patients. The psychological aspect can be especially disparaging. As they loose hair, patients feel less confident. However, wearing cancer wigs can help them feel good about themselves again. There is a large range of wigs out there, with the monofilament wigs being the most popular for this application. But are wigs for everyone?

Some people donate their hair before starting the chemotherapy and have it made into a wig for themselves. This is a good idea, but usually additional hair has to be added in order to give the wig a proper thickness. This process can also be a bit pricey and not a lot of people can afford it. Friends can sometimes be convinced to donate their hair as well, so the cost of their custom cancer wigs can be lowered slightly.

Traditionally people wear wigs after significant hair loss resulting from chemotherapy; that is why we call them cancer wigs. But this solution is not always suitable for everyone. Although monofilament wigs can look extremely natural, if someone does not feel comfortable wearing them, alternative solutions must be found. Some people have physical limitations in wearing their cancer wigs. [pii_email_2865ddd927d568fb7708] Wearing them on a bald head can make them hot and itchy. People in this situation can buy bandanas and wear them instead. Many of them can find they look really good wearing bandanas or trendy hats. There are even cases where younger cancer patients started the shave-my-head-and-wear-a-bandana trend.

However, if you are a person that is really into your hair, you should definitely try some wigs out. There are some really nice monofilament wigs out there, and sometimes you can’t even tell the hair is “fake”. These days, even famous people like Beyonce or Tyra Banks wear these type of wigs. If at first you are not confident about wearing a wig, you can try pairing it with a nice scarf or a trendy hat.

Monofilament wigs made of natural human hair are perfect if you desire the most styling flexibility. Sure you could style it yourself, but it would be better to have a stylist do it. Cancer wigs that are made of synthetic hair can only be styled by sprays and not heat. You can wash them and shake them out for more volume, but you should never use flat irons or other hair appliances for styling them. The downside of a synthetic wig is that you have to buy it in the exact style you want, as there is not much even a stylist can do. Unless your wig is perfect out of box, it is usually a good idea to consult a local hair dresser who can style and cut the wig if necessary. There are even hairdressers who specialize in wig styling for a fairly inexpensive price.  [pii_email_2865ddd927d568fb7708] There may be one final concern with cancer wig use, especially synthetic ones. When people wear hats, the body temperature rises by trapping heat release from the head. Considering that wigs are synthetic and have liners, people may wonder if wearing a wig can further exacerbate this condition? Well, if the right wig with a breathable cap is chosen, this shouldn’t be an issue.