Traffic exchange sites list – globe marketing solutions

Traffic exchange sites list – globe marketing solutions

This is my Traffic exchange sites list.

  Most of them are PTC sites also, so you can earn and credits the same time.

But mainly these sites are used for bringing traffic on your blog or site. If you do not have your own website, you can exchange your referral links from other sites, clicking on commercials.

It is free, but you have to spend some time on it. That is the cheapest way to promote online and some people don’t think it works,but it’s really working!

    Easyhits4u. This is the best site for me. If somebody find better one, I will be happy to hear about.

    Easy hits for you

    Clicksia. This site is in my PTC list, but I use it for traffic exchange. Very fast going, for 10 seconds one page, so you can make a lot of traffic for less time.

    Trafficswarm. For me is not easy to use this site, but have a Lot of traffic to exchange, so if you have more time, you can use it.

    Traffic exchange

    HitLink, before was 247Trafficpro. Good site,since 2007.

    Trafficera. Good one.Since 2008. Give many activity bonuses.

    Buxp. Also PTC site, but I use it mainly for Traffic exchange. is really SEO friendly traffic site.Founder is Darren Merrett founder of

    Websyndic. Autosurf site.

How to get referrals – globe marketing solutions

On this page you will find some proved ways, how to build your referrals down line.

1. Make your own blog or home page and put your referral links on it. This is not the easiest way, and will take some time. You have to put some time and affords and money to promote your blog. But after few months the results will came. Best places are Blogger and WordPress , where you can make it for free.

2. Other way is to promote with Traffic Exchange sites. This also work , and you can do it completely free. Just when you see some number of adds , you will earn credits, and later use this credits for advertising your own referrals links. Here you can check my Best Traffic Exchange sites list

3. Go to some other blogs and social networks and forums, make a post, comments and put your referral links. But if you want people to click on your links, you have to write some valuable information. Do not make it look like a spam. Just search in Google for forums related with that kind of topics.

4. And you could join websites ,which is especially dedicated for getting referrals. Joining referrals websites is free, easy to use and you will build your downline for sure.

It work in this way :

You are joining website, start earning credits, and later use this credits for taking referrals for your PTC down line. There is few ways to earn credits first you can click on some adds and look some commercials, other is to join some programs , witch other member is offering. You can earn by referring other members to this sites. And you can buy some credits if you are in a hurry.

For about 10 days you can add 1 referral to your PTC sites. You have to spend some time for this, but it work for sure. And is easy way to build your down line.

Here is my list of best referrals sites :








PTC useful Tips – globe marketing solutions

This tips are to help your start and for your success. Will safe you from scam, and losing money.

First is about how to take care not being scammed.

    Before joining some site ,firs do some research in internet. Check what people saying about it, check if this site have forum, go and search about some complaints or issues to be solved. If there is nothing than proof of payments ,this site is risky.

    Do some research in Google, just write site name and scam after it, if the site is scam, there will appear at least 2-3 results.

    Take a look on site adds ,if the majority lead to his own forum, or from his own web site, it is strange.

    If they promise you more than 0.01$ per click. This is the maximum, PTC sites pays for standard members. Just do not waist you time with this site.

    If they ask you to upgrade in order to pay you. All legit sites pays to standard members.

For more information and list of scam sites, you can check this site:

Tips for success:

    First and most important ,never give up. In the beginning is hard. Just click again and again for some penny a day. Also you have to put a lot of time and efforts to bring some referrals to your down line. Even some of them could be inactive. Just do not stop and will succeed.

    Join only Legit and trustful sites. Do not waste your time. Also make a plan, how much you want to earn, how many referrals you want to have in this site.

    Go to some other site forums ,blogs and show your referral link. Speak with your friends. This is the easiest way to get referrals.

    One of the best ways is to use Traffic Exchange sites. Here is my list of Best Traffic Exchange sites.

    You can exchange your referral links in this sites for free.

    Important thing to know is if you are register in 2-3-4 sites, just do one page with all your referral links on her, and show in this way. This will save you lots of time ,and money if you paying for your adds.

You can read more information about how to get referrals in my special page

Legit Paid To Click Sites List – globe marketing solutions

This is my list of legit PTC sites.

I am registered at few more, and when I have proof of payments, will add them to a list.

    Clixsense. Most popular site, strongly advertised by his members.8 levels referrals.

    Neobux. One of most trusted on the net.Best PTC site together with clixsense.

    Clicksia. PTC elite site, also Traffic exchange .

    WordLinks.One of the elite sites.Long time running,since 2003.Most trusted.10 levels referral program.

    WordLinx – Get Paid To Click

    LinkGrand. Also one of the most trusted.

    Incentria.One of elite sites.Also good traffic exchange.

    33Bux. Trusted administration.Instant payouts.

    BuxP. Trusted site. Long time online.