Gaming setup

Gaming setup

Setting up the game is a bit scary. Here are some ideas:

We need a dimmable mouse and keyboard, and I want to change it to a specific color to make it look more elegant and beautiful. This adds an extra “cool” effect to your setup.

You can see this mess all over your desk with wires and cables. I suggest you store the wires and cables elsewhere or try further cooling. I use many tricks on YouTube to prevent wires from walking around.

There are a lot of stickers, popular B on my desk alkenyl tape and speakers and other accessories. This can make your setup look cooler than a regular desk with a screen.

Wooden table, computer and no. “When you have the matching furniture, everything looks very modern. My screen is black and I have a white marble table. Your eyes look healthier and more attractive.

What do I need for a gaming setup?

In any case, building a PC is like making an apple pie. If you buy some nutrients, the pie is not complete and tastes bad. The following is a list of PCs for making sports.

1 : aka ” brain ” CPU

The CPU is used to control other parts of the computer sign. Therefore, I recommend using Intel Core I5 ​​6 General

2 : Also known as ” Body” motherboard

The motherboard has been connected to all VGA, CPU, etc., but you can’t find the I Z170 MSI Krait or the recommended Asus Z170. If you also want to overclock, please watch the ROG series through ASG, you will not regret this attraction.

3 : ” Muscle ” graphics

I have heard many stories, I think using a graphics card can make Nvidea work better, which will determine the quality of the graphics (not at all, but you guessed it)

4:Ram AKA

I really do not know the name, but RAM is full of programs, it is recommended not to exceed 16 Gbps 8, but I recommend that you check in the future check equipment

5 : Power AKA ” ability “

6 : CaseAKA ” Case “

Do you need space to store these items properly?

7 : The hard disk is called ” memory “

In order to store your belongings properly, you need to invest somewhere. Surge protection, fan control, touch screen and SSD

How can I improve my gaming setup?

You should first use FRP to record the current FPS. Just open it, start the game, and check the average number of frames per second. In the game category fps, most games require 40-60.

1. Buy a better graphics card

Of course, other signs indicate that + ( 20-30 ) can increase the number of frames per second, but buying a better graphics card can double or triple the number of frames!

2. Get more RAM

Generally, it helps to reduce the loading time in the game and reduce the overall difficulty of the game.

3. Improve game graphics settings

Reducing the resolution can go a long way. Turn off anti-aliasing and anti-filtering functions. It can also help reduce the quality of the fabric. It is different from games.

4. Improve the graphics options of the graphics card

This indicates that your graphics card has entered the control panel. Make sure you have the latest version of the video driver installed. Adjust these settings to improve performance and reduce quality.

5. Clean the computer

This means keeping your computer virus-free. Ensure that auxiliary tasks are not running in the background. Delete all unnecessary applications and clean up temporary files regularly.

How do you build a gaming setup for beginners?

Here is how to make your own desktop:

1. Search. Read information about the different components of the computer. Check out some pre-made models available for purchase.

2. Requirements. Here, you can decide what you want the device to perform. No matter how much you spend, your computer may not have all the features on all applications. Choose the applications that are important to you (such as size, price, resolution, frames per second for your favorite games).

3. Choose the ingredients. At this stage, you need to select parts that meet your machine needs. If you find that the budget is exhausted or there are no conflicts in some parts at this stage, please return to step 2 and solve the problem. Try to order all parts at once.

4. Build it! Taking time to do the right thing will make caring about the future easier.

Please enjoy! This process can be fun and meaningful when you take the time to design the device you really want. Hope this helps.