Features and Benefits of The Different Types of CBD Oil

Features and Benefits of The Different Types of CBD Oil


CBD also known as cannabidiol is a chemical that occurs naturally in the cannabis sativa plant. It is one of the over 240 cannabinoids (that’s the name for a variety of chemicals and substances that occur naturally in plants) found in the cannabis plant.

There is a lot of myth and anecdotes around this substance; some people even go as far as calling it ‘the wonder drug’. While there are no concrete scientific evidences to prove the medicinal value of this substance, there are many personal testimonies.

One of the reasons why the lay man is wary about the use of anything associated with cannabis is its reputation for getting the user high. But the truth of the matter is that there are two major cannabinoids in the cannabis plant; CBD and THC.

THC which is the short form for tetrahydrocannabinol is the substance responsible for getting users high. This is because of its psychoactive properties. Cannabidiol on the other hand does not get users high. For more details on this subject, visit this website.

Types of CBD Oil

Cannabidiol has been used to create many products and they include oils, edibles, gummies, treats, vape and rolls. These products can be taken in different ways such as sublingually, by smoking, topically and by mixing with food. And they are all reputed to have great health benefits for humans.

In this articles however, we would focus on the various types of Cannabidiol oil, its properties and benefits.

Cannabidiol oil (in fact all CBD products) is classified into 3 types:- Full spectrum, Broad spectrum and Isolate.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Full spectrum cannabidiol products (oil inclusive) comprises of all the cannabinoids in a cannabis plant. This includes THC but not above the legal limit of 0.3%. Its composition ensures that the user gets the full benefits of all the chemicals derived from the cannabis plant. This full benefit is what is known as the entourage effect.

Full spectrum CBD is touted as the most organic form of cannabidiol because of the minimal process of extraction.

Features of Genuine/Top Quality Full Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil

  • Made from hemp extract that contains all the Cannabinoids
  • It is not psychoactive which means the user would not get high
  • Safely extracted with the Co2 extraction method
  • Made with 100% organic ingredients (this means that the list of ingredients would be short)
  • No preservatives or additives
  • No GMO added

If you are looking for organic products for your hair or skin, look for one that contains CBD oil. They are great for eliminating scalp and skin diseases and enhancing hair growth.


contains CBD oil

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

This variant contains a good number of the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant but specifically excludes THC which is the ‘high’ inducing property in cannabis. Some of the compounds that can be found in broad spectrum CBD oil include cannabinol, cannabichromene, myrcene, and terpenes, such as pinene or limonene

Broad spectrum cannabidiol oil also delivers the entourage effect but without the input of THC. This variant is ideal for people who do not want to THC in any form.  It is also ideal for people who expect to have a drug test at any moment. What most drug test look out for is tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) so using broad spectrum cannabidiol products would ensure that you do not fail a drug test.

Features of Genuine/Top Quality Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

The following are some of the features of genuine broad spectrum cannabidiol oil:-

  • Contains only cannabidiol and naturally occurring terpenes
  • Derived from hemp grown through natural farming practise
  • Distilled with the Co2 method of extraction
  • Comes with a stamp of 3rd party authentication

Isolate CBD Oil

CBD isolates have been described as the purest form of cannabidiol. This is because it has gone through the highest form of refining to exclude every other cannabinoid and terpenes. Although many people argue that the entourage effect is most beneficial if one must use these products, isolates still offer some benefits.

If you have been thinking of trying out any CBD product but are unsure because of tetrahydrocannabinol(THC), then isolate is the way to go.

The following are some reasons why one may insist on only CBD isolates:-

  • The need to avoid THC completely
  • The need to take large quantity of cannabidiol
  • Most cannabidiol isolate products are unflavoured and thus tasteless.
  • Preparation or readiness for drug test

There’s so much we can say about these 3 variants of cannabidiol oil but time and space forbids. Therefore, you can check out this link for a full comparison: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/cbd-isolate-vs-full-spectrum-cbd.

Benefits of CBD Oil

Having briefly explored the difference between these 3 variants, we must mention that a high percentage of users believe that full spectrum CBD oil is the most beneficial. That being said let us briefly list these benefits:-

  1. Helps to relieve anxiety
  2. Alleviates pain from inflammation
  3. Helps to regulate appetite
  4. Useful for the treatment of symptoms of depression
  5. Helps to combat insomnia


Much as it is widely accepted that CBD oil is a great treatment for a lot of health issues, we must sound a note of warning.  It is very important that you buy this product from only credible specialty stores. These stores are more likely to display their stamp of authentication by independent 3rd party laboratories.

Look out for sellers who source their raw materials from farms that engage in only safe farming practise. Hemp growers in the US are obligated to follow strict farming regulations. This assures you that the end product would be free of chemicals and toxins from pesticides and the likes.