Favorable Small Kitchen Design Tricks for Your Home

Favorable Small Kitchen Design Tricks for Your Home

A small kitchen can be the bugbear for you, while ultimately, it depends on its design and styling. If built right, it can pack a punch. You can work as smoothly in this space as in a larger one. Or, in some cases, a small layout can feel more functional and valuable. It doesn’t ask for hard work compared to sprawling ones, requiring extensive cleaning and running from one corner to another. So, don’t get disheartened if your new home has a small kitchen. Explore designs and decorations to increase its performance. Here are some ideas to help you attain this. Let’s check them once.

Drawer VS cupboard

Do you like your kitchen to wear a laid-back feel in its eclectic modern environment? In that case, you would want to go with drawers and not cupboards. Optimizing drawer space can be a clever design trick to create more storage space within a limited area. Cupboards can be an attractive addition, but these storage units can look good and perform better than them. When building drawers, you need to know what you will store in them and where. For example, if you wish to keep potholders, the drawer should be close to the oven. However, a drawer for dish towels will look best near the sink. Besides that, you can keep knives in narrow ones and plastic wraps in wide drawers.

As for the dimensions, non-custom cabinet designs usually offer 12 inches to 24 inches wide drawers. If they are 50 inches wide, you can keep all your pans in them. You can get custom drawers for an additional cost if these don’t fit in with your kitchen space. Another thing you have to consider is the drawer material. The low-budget designs use medium-density fiberboard or plywood. The thin wood layer on the front gives them a hardwood look. Hence, nobody can quickly identify this. However, higher models include solid hardwood, standing out for the craftsmanship.

Suspended shelving

Black Granite Kitchen Sinks

When you want your decoration to flourish along with being functional, opt for suspended shelving. It can be an ideal addition to your small kitchen in every sense. And if it is an open floor plan, you don’t have to think twice before incorporating such features. You can use these hanging shelves to display your collectibles proudly without being too obvious about your intention. Because of its central position, it will already be in focus. Designers also recommend people need to exploit these highlights as much as possible. Since they have a character of their own, you don’t need to exert.

In a small kitchen, hanging shelves of glass and a slimline framework can work best. It keeps your kitchen airy by allowing the smooth passage of light. If you add proper lighting to them, they can look even more magnificent, especially during the night. Your guests can truly admire this feature when you invite them for a dinner party. So, be ready to draw all the attention to this single thing. You should not worry that your kitchen is a modest size because even small things can be impactful. Imagine using a decorative gold kitchen fixture with a white or black sink, for example.


Pale streamlined cabinets can help your tiny space look longer and neatly organized. But some elements need attention to finish the final look of the room. Designers believe tall units running right up to the ceiling or until the cove can complete the look. Otherwise, bulky cabinets with empty corners of even one meter or so in a high-ceiling kitchen can look awkward. That’s why it is better to cover the open corners with storage systems for items you don’t frequently need, such as jugs, vases, etc. Appliances can go behind a kitchen island to maintain a sleek and straight look. Some homeowners prefer panel-ready equipment for this matter.

If there is seating space for breakfast or dinner, you can add two pairs of bar stools on both sides of the table. It not only gives a more compact feel but also allows having smooth conversations.

Decorative details

Detailing plays an integral role in enhancing the character of the kitchen. When you talk about this, you have to consider your cabinet material, hardware, etc. These things dole up the look of your space by adding interesting details. From flooring to countertop surfaces, everything matters. For example, the marble surface looks luxurious, granite gives strength, and wood adds warmth. White marble in a tiny room can feel more efficient for maintaining airiness. It doesn’t mean you cannot use anything that ensures dramatic effects. For texture, you can add a rug matching with the soul of your floor.

Storage zones

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Like cleaning, prepping, and cooking zones, you also need to pick your storage areas thoughtfully. For example, you can store dishware close to the dining spot or dishwasher, and cookware can sit beside the oven or hob. Make sure you don’t leave any square footage unused. If the base units are 21 inches deep, you can add shallow ones with 15 inches of depth to an inaccessible area of the island, bar stools, etc. Of course, these will store items you need rarely. At the same time, you can build an appliance garage or deeper cabinets for appliances to free up your countertop.

These are small hacks, but their practical implication in a tiny kitchen can be matchless. These solve your crowding problem while promising the best look for your cooking zone. At the same time, you don’t have to struggle to perform your daily chores to the extent where it becomes a painful experience to enter this space every morning. You can host your friends and guests over lunch or dinner any time. They might also appreciate your intelligence and creativity for making even a smaller space so efficient and easy. So, please choose your options wisely, check your budget, consult the designer, and wait for the design layers to unfold their magic before your eyes.

You may have to make a few adjustments, but don’t get bothered. A little flexibility can go a long way in rewarding your efforts.