Enjoy Travel In Grand Bahama – Learn Its History While Participating In Everything It Has To Offer

Enjoy Travel In Grand Bahama – Learn Its History While Participating In Everything It Has To Offer

Centuries ago, pirates ruled the Caribbean and controlled many of the islands. These days, Grand Bahama is one of the most popular vacation spots in the Bahamas. The island is but 60 miles from Florida, and with English the primary language, it’s no wonder the island is a great getaway spot.

In the 1950s, Grand Bahama began to be taken from an underdeveloped island of about 500 inhabitants to one of the jewels of the Caribbean, due to the vision of a man named Wallace Groves. As a result, the city of Freeport was built and the Grand Bahama Port Authority created. That was the beginning of the Grand Bahama of today.

Grand Bahama is 95 miles long and 17 miles wide. Its two cities, Freeport and Lucaya, are home to many resorts and hotels. Freeport is the capital and commercial center, and Lucaya is the tourism center. Lucaya is known as the Garden City because of its beauty and lovely beaches.

The island is remarkable in its natural wonders, both above ground and underwater. Swimmers and boaters will be amazed at the reefs, underwater caverns, and blue holes. Along with the Garden of the Groves, a floral wonderland, Grand Bahama boasts three National Parks.

One of the major pleasures of vacationing is dining, and Grand Bahama accommodates with fine international and local cuisine. Naturally, seafood is featured, along with local favorites including poultry, pork, fresh vegetables and rice.

Grand Bahama is considered by many to be a golfer’s paradise. Along with golf you can enjoy fishing, boating, diving, sightseeing, casinos and nightlife, just to name a few. Surrounded by the beautiful Caribbean, the Grand Bahama may be one of the world’s top vacation destinations.

When you visit Grand Bahama Island you’ll discover a charming mix of history, nature, and modern amenities. Beyond the cities are old towns that live in the past, unlocking historic aspects of the island that can only be absorbed by a visit.

Grand Bahama Island is a destination almost without peer, with its magnificent beaches, superb climate, and welcoming people. It’s a place you’ll never want to leave, and you’ll want to return.

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Murcia: A Land For All Seasons And Temperatures

The capital city of Murcia in the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia is located on the Segura River. It has a very warm and arid climate with more than 300 days of sun each year. The region is a major agricultural producer, with major crops of vegetables, fruits, flowers as well as wine and olive oil. The weather also makes Murcia a nice place to visit year round.

There are many flights to the Murcia and Alicante Airports from all over the world. Thousands come during all seasons of the year because the weather is so consistently beautiful. The summers can be very hot, with the highest record temperature in Spain having occurred in Murcia at 117 degrees F, 47 degrees C. The more typical summer days usually only reach as high as 104 degrees F, 40 degrees C. The winters only usually get as cold as 50 degrees F, 10 degrees C.

Winter in Murcia is very mild and pleasant. The conditions here attract many older people to the area who are usually escaping a harsher winter in Northern Europe. When the temperatures begin to rise, they will then typically return north themselves. The weather is very sunny in winter and the rainfall is slight. Average temperatures in the winter in Murcia range from between 6 and 17 degrees C and 43 and 63 degrees F.

The temperatures in the spring for Murcia become progressively warmer as the year changes from winter to summer. Spring is a fantastic time to visit Murcia. There is very little rain at this time and the crowds are much thinner too. The sun is shining and the rentals are cheaper. The rainfall averages are less than three quarters of an inch for the entire spring and the temperatures range between daily highs of 21 to 26 degrees C, or 70 to 79 degrees and the nights stay between 8 and 13 degrees C, 47 and 56 degrees F.

Summers in Murcia are hot and dry. There is less than a half an inch average for the entire typical Murcia summer. The tourist crowds are also at their highest point during the summer months here and the rentals are their highest rate also. Average temperature for the entire summer day and night is between 29 and 19 degrees C, 66 and 84 degrees F. Rainfall in Murcia during the summer is typically less than half an inch per month.

The move from summer back to winter isn’t that big of a jump either. Falls in Murcia are typically less hot, less crowded versions of summer with more but still not much rain. Average temperatures for the fall months here are about 20 and 30 degrees C, 68 and 86 degrees F during the daylight hours and 9 and 18 degrees C, 48 and 65 degrees F at night. The rain is usually around three quarters of an inch monthly in the fall.

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Learn Regional History While Savoring Everything It Has To Offer

New Hampshire is located in the corner of the Northeast, and was one of the thirteen original Colonies. Known as the Granite State, it was named by one Captain John Mason who received a land grant sometime in the early 17th century.

New Hampshire is bordered on the north by Quebec, on the east by Maine and the Atlantic Ocean, on the south by Massachusetts, and the on the west by Vermont. New Hampshire is a small state, but nevertheless it has a number of regions which exhibit very individual traits.

New Hampshire’s geography offers great mountains, rivers and lakes, and beaches. Whatever type of accommodations you require can be found, from bed and breakfasts to rustic inns and luxury hotels. Skiers will naturally gravitate to the White Mountains. Great skiing, plus excellent lodging. Water sports aficionados can choose from rivers and lakes, or the Atlantic Ocean for swimming, sailing, fishing, whatever you like.

In much of New England, including New Hampshire, you can poke around in small villages and old historic towns and look into the past. Visit a colonial settlement such as Portsmouth, or a small town such as Peterborough.

Mount Monadnock, in Mount Monadnock State Park, is the most popular climbing peak in the United States. In the White Mountains stands Mount Washington, known for cold, fog, snow and wicked hurricane-force winds. New Hampshire has some well-known rivers too, including the Merrimack and Connecticut.

New Hampshire offers a wide variety of accommodations, and the same is true of dining opportunities. New England is known for some fine restaurants and chefs, and New Hampshire has its share. Seafood is plentiful, there are plenty of local favorites and fine dining spots to choose from.

New Hampshire is is an excellent place to own multiple properties. Some keep a primary residence in the city and a ski cabin in the mountains to take advantage of the fresh snow and clean air. New Hampshire is a beautiful and fascinating place to both visit and to live.

Another thing that makes the state attractive is that it is the only one with no state income tax or sales tax; this obviously is popular with businesses and homeowners alike. New Hampshire has what is probably the most well-known license plate slogan in the entire country- Live Free or Die.

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