Easy Exercises while You Study

Easy Exercises while You Study

It is important to exercise and keep your body healthy. There are many simple exercises that you can do even while studying for college.

7 Ways to Exercise while You Study

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Running on a Treadmill

One of the most popular ways of exercising among students is running on a treadmill. Almost everyone can use this type of exercise without prior preparations. In addition, there is an almost 100% chance that your campus gym has this machine. A treadmill is not only very easy to use, but you can also bring your textbooks or notes with you and place them in front of you to read while running.

Leg Lift Ups

This exercise is perfect for students who sit with their homework a lot and are too lazy to get up and work out. Try lifting up your straightened legs at 90° and holding them still for at least ten seconds. Repeat this exercise as much as you want and even while continuing to read your notes.

Arm Curls

This one is a budget-free exercise as you will not even need weights from the gym. Simply take a water bottle and curl it with each arm to strengthen your muscles. You can do it in your room while studying, on the go to classes, or in any situation when you have a water bottle with you.


You can do this simple exercise while sitting down or standing up, whichever you prefer. Raise your hands upwards and try to reach as far as you can. Stay in this position and then let go to refresh your muscles.

Sit on a Fitness Ball

This is quite an unusual one, but some students have figured out how to use a fitness ball outside of the gym. You can simply replace your study chair with this gym ball and sit on it while reading your textbooks. You can jump up and down, swing on it, and do lots of fun things while staying focused and retaining a lot of info.

Resistance Bands

These stretching bands are quite popular among students as they are pretty cheap and do not need almost any space to store them. Just stretch this band while you are reading or walking around campus. You can sit in your room and stretch it with your hands or legs to incorporate all the necessary muscles. You can also look up some fun ways to stretch with resistance bands online and pick out your favorites.

Chair Squatting

Another budget exercise is chair squatting. Try this while sitting down to study. All you need to do is to lift up your body and then carefully squat without actually sitting down on the chair. Just stop a few inches above it and hold your body in this position. Try to keep your posture as straight as possible. After hovering in this position for some time, sit down and relax. Repeat this exercise for as long as you want; it is simple and not distracting at all.