Do Gaming Laptops Always Have to Be Expensive?

Do Gaming Laptops Always Have to Be Expensive?

Gaming can be a very expensive hobby, the games are not cheap, but neither are the computers themselves, not to mention other accessories such as furniture, headphones, etc.

But what if you’re just starting out and you only have a small budget, do you have to miss out on all the fun?

This article will discuss ways you can get started in gaming with a smaller budget.

The Hardware

While it’s tempting to buy a used gaming laptop, this could lead to heartache in the long run as you have no protection should it break down.

With that in mind, it’s always a good idea to buy new where possible. Lenovo has some great laptops for cheap with a range of specifications to suit many budgets (more on specs in a moment).

You don’t need to go all out with a huge specification for gaming. For a start, don’t be tempted to get a 4k screen, as this extra capacity on image will mean you will need a MUCH faster processer, which won’t be budget friendly.

A quad core is really the minimum processor you want to adopt for gaming, but some games will still not perform well at this (particularly if the laptop is used for other purposes as well), so if you can, stretch to a 6 or even 8 core. This is going to serve you well long term.

You could also go with the option of buying an older PC and upgrading it with an additional CPU you purchase new. However, prices on bundle deals have now dropped significantly, so it’s often worth just buying the whole package new.

If possible, wait for either a coupon code that will save you some money on your purchase (even if it’s just free shipping) or ideally purchase around the Black Friday sale in November, as this often gives huge discounts, particularly on tech items where profit margins are higher than in other markets.

Furniture & Accessories

Once you have your gaming PC in the bag, other items become much easier to source cheaply. Gaming chairs and desks can be picked up second-hand for a substantial saving or check-out bundle deals as some vendors will offer starter packs at a significant discount.

Daily deal sites like Groupon often get fantastic offers on things like headphones, etc., so it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled on there, but you should always read brand reviews online before purchasing any items, to get a consumer’s unbiased review.


Getting started in gaming can be expensive. However, by utilizing things like Black Friday offers, bundle deals, and used items for things that are less important, you can save yourself a significant sum of money.

Ask advice from stores like Lenovo if you’re unsure what setup is going to be best for you, and always look to read customer reviews before purchasing so you have a good idea of what consumers’ points of view are on the product.