Compensation For Pain and Suffering in Rochester Personal Injury

Compensation For Pain and Suffering in Rochester Personal Injury

Suppose you got hit by a car and got severely injured. On the surface, it may seem like the accident has only affected your life in terms of bodily injuries and financial matters. Based on that, you even got compensation to recover all the money you had to spend on treatment. But is that all? What about the sleepless nights you spent revisiting the site of the accident and the pain or trauma? It wouldn’t be fair if you were only paid for the economic damages, as some damages are intangible. But a lawyer can help put a price on that by helping you get the compensation you deserve. Click here if you need legal help in Rochester. 

Pain and suffering claims:

The truth is, for each one of us, pain and suffering differ. And it’s usually that based on which claims are given. But what do pain and suffering encompass? It is usually physical harm in addition to mental pain, despair, anxiety, oppression, and pederasty. Physical disability, pain, deformity, loss of quality of life, and loss of pleasure in life are all examples of bodily harm.

Physical pain or impairment:

The most commonly seen instance of physical pain or impairment is the limitation of bodily functions. If a victim suffers because of that, they will be able to recover all the economic and non-economic damages. 

Note that physical impairment is more serious than physical discomfort. In order to prove how the accident drastically altered their way of life, the victim making these claims must provide evidence. If victims continue to feel bodily pain even after visiting the hospital and obtaining medical attention, they may file a claim for these sorts of damages as well.


There have been cases where people even lost their limbs in accidents. On top of that, victims may even get severe burns or scars that will stay for a lifetime. If one files a claim for these injuries, the claims are relatively easy to verify because one has all the required proof.

Final thoughts:

Apart from the above-mentioned aspects, there is also the loss of quality of life. It only makes sense that a person who is going through so much after an accident will not be able to live to their full potential, let alone enjoy life. You can file a claim for that as well. Get help from a Rochester personal injury lawyer for advice.