Cape Town accommodation where to stay – maritime travels

Cape Town accommodation where to stay – maritime travels

Where you stay is a personal issue. If you’re going to spend your South Africa vacation in Cape Town and you are looking for the right hotel, or a cosy Cape Town guest house, you want the right recommendations as well as freedom of choice.

I’ve set up this page to help you find the type of accommodation you are looking for. It’s based on my own knowledge of the local Cape Town accommodation environment.

I hope you find it useful!

You’re going to be experiencing the Cape Town South Africa lifestyle first hand. If you choose the right Cape Town accommodation you’ll appreciate your experience that much more.

Your ideal self catering Cape Town accommodation or Cape Town guest house should be at a price to suit your pocket and in an area convenient to your planned visit.

There are many different types of Cape Town accommodation in the city and surrounding suburbs. Choose from a number of Holiday Inns, many other deluxe hotels, charming guesthouses, Bed and Breakfast with the personal touch, self catering or vacation rental apartments and a wide range of backpacker hostels.

Many Cape Town accommodation establishments blend with their surroundings and reflect the ever changing mood of the Cape landscape as the seasons pass by. Many more are situated in scenic locations which offer amazing views over nearby mountains and wild seas.

Your choice of Cape Town accommodation should enable you to make the most of the unique sense of natural environment and cultural history which Cape Town has to offer.


The National accommodation grading system


The South African Tourist Board (SATOUR) officially introduced a star grading system in 1998 in order to regulate the various accommodation establishments in South Africa. The purpose is to improve and maintain the general quality of accommodation options countrywide.

The official grading of a hotel or guest house means that it displays from one to five stars depending on the standard offered and is advertised as such. You may then make your own assessment in advance in terms of quality and cost. 

Recently – as of November 2003 a grading of six stars was allocated to “super luxury” hotels in the process of being built in Cape Town. These are aimed at the “discerning” traveller at the upper end of the Cape Town accommodation market. Watch this space for more information as it becomes available.

It would be convenient to be able to select the right Cape Town hotel. Use this handy search form to find your ideal hotel in South Africa as well as in many other countries worldwide. 

Cape Guest House Charm
The majority of hotels provide the general Cape Town accommodation facilities to meet the needs of many, but there’s nothing like the charming and hospitable appeal of your own unique Cape Guest House, not to mention the often breathtaking surrounding scenery! 

There are numerous excellent Guest Houses in Cape Town and surrounding areas. Many offer inhouse self catering facilities. You’ll also get useful travel information, brochures and local knowledge. This popular choice of Cape Town accommodation will enable you to relax in comfort as you get in touch with a more traditional aspect of the Cape culture.

For a choice selection of individual Cape Town Style Guest Houses 

The typical Cape Guest House offers a more personalised and individual type of accommodation than most of the Cape Town hotels. It’s often to be found in a popular scenic location not far from transport links and amenities. 

Guest Houses are generally owner managed and reflect this in the warm style of their hospitality and cuisine. 

Holiday Inn: This is a popular choice of hotel worldwide. Find out all about Holiday Inn hotels in Cape Town. and make your Holiday Inn reservation. 

Self catering: or vacation rentals is an alternative form of short term accommodation in South Africa. Get the facts on self catering 

Information about vacation-rentals 

Rest assured. Wherever you choose to stay, or whatever Cape Town accommodation you find, you’ll certainly be made to feel welcome in the usual Cape Town tradition. 


Easy Cape Town Holiday Inn Guide – maritime travels

Holiday Inn has become as popular in Cape Town South Africa as it has in many other countries, with its well known tradition of offering comfort and value for money to travellers. South Africa is no exception.

Compare the various hotels around Cape Town in terms of their rates and facilities offered. You’ll find that if you’re looking for reasonably priced accommodation with a real taste of South Africa thrown in, then you can’t go wrong with Holiday Inn.

But wait.. there are four Holiday Inn hotels in the Cape Town Central Business District and two in the suburbs. So which one do you choose?

Two factors for you to consider here. Grading and location.

Grading? This is probably the best indicator of the level of comfort and quality of your hotel. The star grading system was originally introduced by The Tourism Grading Council of South Africa to regulate the various accommodation establishments.

When you make your holiday inn reservation, look for the star grading symbol.

This symbol varies from 1 to 5 stars and should be prominantly displayed by your hotel. It’s become the standard guide to the level of luxury and quality on offer. It also pretty much determines what you would be expected to pay.

If your hotel is conveniently located it certainly helps with finding your way around. If you intend to spend a lot of time exploring the city and the Waterfront, or you want to take the cable car up Table Mountain, then book to stay at one of the Holiday Inns in the vicinity. ie.

Two more Holiday Inn hotels are situated about 10kms out of Cape Town. One in Newlands which is in the Southern suburbs, within easy access of the False Bay coast, and the other at Century City, the well known business and recreation center.


Visitor’s guide to Cape Town’s beaches – maritime travels


The pristine beaches of Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula are a magnet for locals and tourists alike. There are many kilometers of white sand interspersed among wild rocky outcrops and large boulders, along the ancient coastline of the Cape of Good Hope. 

For detailed maps and books of Cape Town and the Western Cape 

Most of the popular beaches are situated in the more sheltered bays at the various towns and fishing villages which have developed around Cape Town and the Peninsula over the years. 

If you’re looking for a special beach on which to spend the day, with convenient access to transport, shops and accommodation – or perhaps you’d prefer a more secluded alternative, then this examination of a recommended selection of Cape Town beaches is all you will need.