Payza|Major online payment processor – axis business solution

Payza|Major online payment processor – axis business solution

May be you already know about this. is becoming this spring. One of the major online payment processors is changing his name. On this site have a lots of links, and I am going to change them to links. If you already have account, nothing is going to change. Below is some official information from AlertPay site.

Rules for success – axis business solution

There are many articles about rules for success in live, in business and online marketing. Recently I am reading a lot about this. So I decided to write about the rules, because everyone has heard and thinks he knows about this, but rarely applied in real life. It is useful to read again from time to time and practice.

I do not claim to authorship, I collected everything from different authors, in a way that I like.

   1. Be positive. Believe in your own abilities.

    2. Follow Your Heart. As the idea goes having passion for your work means you will never work a day in your life! If possible always take a direction in which you have a personal interest! Developing a profitable business will take time and plenty of effort, but if you have a passionate interest in what you do it will be like child’s play to you!

    3. Organize. Routine almost always brings results therefore you will increase your chances of finding the financial independence you seek by getting organized! Do not expect to get much accomplished if you are always searching for files or trying to figure out what to do next! You must have a plan which will better coordinate your efforts making you more efficient and productive. Remember I forgot is not an excuse.

   4. Stay focused and do not wander from your core business intent or you will never complete anything! One of the most common obstacles you can expect to encounter when working an internet based business are all the distractions this environment offers. It is way too easy to get ‘lost’ aimlessly surfing about or to be tempted by every damn ‘opportunity’ you come across, of which there will be many! Maintain your focus and stay the course since this is the ONLY way you can expect to see the results you are seeking!

   5. Never give up. Almost nothing happens in the first attempt. Just because it seems that what you do does not work does not mean that it does not work. This simply means that it is not the right way to do it. The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed.

    6. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Lighten up. Often, at least half of what we accomplish is due to luck. None of us are in control as much as we like to think we are.

Get paid for review – axis business solution

   Epinions is a company where members can earn money by writing useful reviews about different products. There is no limit to how many reviews you can write. The more reviews you write, the more money you make. The first 10 reviews that you write, earns you $10, 20 to 30 reviews earns you $20, writing 30-39 reviews earns you $30, and so on.

    For Every review you will be credited with some points which can be redeemed later to cash. No Geographical Restrictions. Anybody can join.

   U.S. residents can redeem when they have a blance of at least $10, and non-U.S. residents can redeem when they have a balance of at least $100. U.S. residents normally receive payment within 6 weeks of redeeming their Earnings. Due to the extra steps involved, redemption requests for non-U.S. residents will take longer to process.

   Ciao is a multi-million-strong online community that critically reviews and rates millions of products and services for the benefit of other consumers. Available free of charge to consumers in local-language versions in major western European markets, Ciao combines unbiased consumer reviews and up-to-date price information from hundreds of online merchants to make it the most comprehensive source of shopping intelligence on the web. Testimony to Ciao’s success, more than 38 million consumers visit the site every month, making it one of the largest shopping portals in Europe. No geographical restrictions anybody can join.

   Become a member at and review products or services that you’ve used, and be rewarded for your efforts. Your reviews will help other consumers like you to make more informed purchasing decisions, and you benefit too – both through the rewards you will earn on the site (which can be redeemed for Amazon UK vouchers, cash, or charitable donations), and through the better shopping advice you will also receive!

No geographical restrictions, but if you live permanently in UK you can redeem you points for cash.

   Vindale Research is an Internet firm specializing in the evaluation of online products and services. We help companies evaluate their products, services and processes. Evaluations are performed by our members who are compensated for their time and effort.

   To begin earning money, you must become a member of Vindale Research. Part of becoming a member is stepping through a three part introduction that helps you learn more about paid surveys and what will be required to earn money.

   Rateitall is the fun and social way to find and share reviews about anything. And I mean everything! Local bars and restaurants, products, people, places, music, movies, celebrities, pets, poems, art, games, travel… anything that inspires you. When you contribute to the Rateitall community by writing a review, creating a list, adding items to existing lists or creating a user profile, we share the advertising revenue those contributions generate with the help of Google Adsense. You get 50% of the revenue generated by ads displayed nest to your reviews.