Business Opportunities axis business solution [pii_email_adcd4508dd0bb9816ddc]

Business Opportunities axis business solution [pii_email_adcd4508dd0bb9816ddc]

[pii_email_adcd4508dd0bb9816ddc] In every industry there are always those businesses or individuals that excel to the point they tend to exemplify the industry itself. Such has been the case with Professional eMoney Brokers. We are fortunate to have diversified our businesses to the point where we can service a full range of allied services that our members can then offer to their clients.

[pii_email_adcd4508dd0bb9816ddc] Those who excel in our industry learn quickly that it pays to have a selection of financial and business products and services to offer every client that walks through the door; some way to assist everyone who contracts you so that not a day or dollar is wasted. Those members who are willing to go that extra mile in servicing their clients we term a Full Service Financial Services Member (FSFSM).

As a Full Service Financial Services Member, you must realize that there are a multitude of additional services you may offer, which are outlined on this page. After all, not every client seeking your services will be interested in the exact financial service you may have to offer. If they don’t and this was all you had to offer them. You will be missing out on an important additional source of income!

The financial service industry works just like any other business; the more products and services you have to offer to your clients, the more clients you will have. Even some of the largest financial service agencies in the country have attained their present stature by branching out in the direction that specifically recognizes a series of needs their targeted clients all seem to have in common.

[pii_email_adcd4508dd0bb9816ddc] To further illustrate this point, consider the corner grocery store, which has been largely displaced by the major supermarket chains ( Wal-Mart) Part of the reason is the variety and selection that the larger supermarkets chains offer. They seem to have something for everyone, and it is very rare that someone would walk through without finding something they can use.

The Financial services business works the same way. You will find that some portion of the clients seeking your service may not be interested for a variety of reasons. [pii_email_adcd4508dd0bb9816ddc] Or, you may find that some clients come to you with financing or credit requests that you do not normally handle.

We pride ourselves on being a Full Service Financial Services Organization.

Residential and Commercial Lending
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Residential and Commercial Lending

Many mortgage brokers or consultants especially those who live in suburban communities, or in areas where homes are numbered in the thousands, have built a lucrative business with residential mortgage origination. Their knowledge on the home mortgage savings program has quite often enhanced this aspect of their business. Should you live in a metropolitan area or suburban community where there are thousands of homes within a radius of twenty miles or so, you may want to consider starting a residential loan origination business in conjunction with Commercial Real Estate Business loans, and Factoring.

By utilizing specific information within this business opportunity you will have a distinct advantage over many other residential loan originators. [pii_email_adcd4508dd0bb9816ddc] This advantage should assist you in rapidly building a residential business. As 99% of the market would benefit from your knowledge, you could, with the right promotion, develop an exceptional business within a very short time. A business which will save home buyers tens of thousands of dollars.

PROFITS: Although residential loan origination and consulting will not earn singular fees that range from $10,000 to $100,000 or more like the commercial business does, it is still a lucrative business because of the volume of loans that one can originate. Residential loans are also relatively easy to place and fund as most of the borrowers you will be working with should qualify for the loans they are seeking. This aspect of the business, if you are working with Realtors, can be extremely lucrative and can add thousands of dollars to your overall income.

Keep in mind that it does not take many closings per month to earn an exceptional income, and if you live in a medium sized community where there are twenty or more Realtors, you could, with a little effort, find that you can originate as many as a dozen per month. This of course may be on the low side as many communities have sales that range from seventy five to two hundred homes per month, more if you reside and work in a metropolitan area. An example of residential earning potential is as follows:

1% of $75,000 = $750.00 2% of $75,000 = $1,500.00


The above, although an excellent income, could be expanded several times over if you were to build a network of associates, and train a staff that could process their requests. [pii_email_adcd4508dd0bb9816ddc] Many firms have utilized this approach and have expanded rapidly to where they are handling dozens of requests on a weekly or monthly basis.

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Discover How to Cash In Big On The Huge Demand For Legitimate Guarantees, Letters Of Credit, and Other Collateral Options To Back Up Loans!

Learn to profit from options such as ˜ Venture Capital Guarantees ˜ Arbitrage “loans” ˜ Letters of Credit ˜ Surety Bond Guarantees ˜ Self-Liquidating “loans” ˜ Prime Bank Guarantees ˜ Rentable Collateral ˜ Working Capital Guarantees ˜ Co-Signing ˜ Roll programs ˜ 100% no money down plans, and many more…. Interested? Join us as a Specialty Guarantee Consultant in this rapidly growing segment of the financial service industry! Dear Friend: I want you to forget everything you’ve assumed to be “true” about guarantees. Forget about the advance-fee scams and other gimmicks you hear a lot about these days, but usually end up in a never-ending chain. Until now, a veil of secrecy has shrouded the world of loan guarantees. In fact information as simple as how deals are structured and with whom has been known only to a lucky few. [pii_email_adcd4508dd0bb9816ddc] But, when you join us as a Specialty Consultant, that’s exactly the kind of shrewd know how you’ll get plus certain inside information and tricks of the trade to protect lenders against bankruptcy. To get the facts, the sources, the “ins, the “outs” about the exceptional opportunity send us an email requesting the guarantee consultant agreement.

Full Service Commercial Lending

  • Gas Stations
  • Hotel/Motel
  • Light Industrial
  • Moble Home Parks
  • Shopping Centers/Strip Malls
  • Mini Storge
  • Office Buildings
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Acquisition & Development
  • NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED – Free consultant
  • YOU CAN START PART TIME – No need to quite your job
  • YOU CAN START IMMEDIATELY – After studying the consultant guide
  • YOU CAN WORK FROM HOME OR A SMALL OFFICE – With very little expense
  • YOUR FEES ARE GUARANTEED – You get paid by the closing agent

Turn Key Business Encludes:

  • Business Web Site with your Company Logo
  • Accesss to members only web site
  • Hard Copy of The Gurantee Consultant with name and address of guarantee providers
  • Infinity Builders Compensation Plan

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Web Site Hosting and Design for the Financial Services Industry for only $19.95 a month.