A Sleep Mask Will Help You Sleep Better – sleepz

A Sleep Mask Will Help You Sleep Better – sleepz

“Is One Sleep Mask Just Like The Next?”

Sleep mask, eye mask, eye shades. Call them what you’d like, they’re all pretty much the same. Right? 

Not Really. While these are a basic, low tech product, there are several different types out there. Some work better than others. 

Your sleep is extremely important. Try losing some and see how much you value it. Sleep masks can be a tremendous help in letting you sleep longer and better. This is especially true in hard-to-sleep places like on planes or in hotel rooms while trying to recover from jet lag.

Some eye masks are more comfortable than others. Some do a better job of blocking light. Some are annoying by pressing against your eyelashes. There’s even one kind of eye mask that allows you to completely open your eyes with it on. Hi, I’m Pilot Paul. I’ve been flying all-nighters and long-haul international flights for more than two decades. This means that I must sleep during the daytime quite a bit. 

I’m actually very sensitive to light when I sleep. My wife’s insistence on having some light on in the bedroom drives me nuts.

If I didn’t have a good eye shades, I wouldn’t be able to sleep with all that light. 

Over the years, I’ve had numerous sleep masks. The lousy ones have been replaced with better ones. The good ones have been used so much that I’ve worn them out.

There are basically four different types of sleep masks:

  • Nylon
  • Fleece
  • Foam
  • Silk

There are some differences in each type of eye shade. I’ll review each type of sleep mask and then show you an excellent place to find each one.

Their prices are all relatively inexpensive, especially if you consider the benefit you incur from sleeping better. The prices run from about $4 to $13.

A word about the place I’m recommending where you can buy these. 

For a merchant to be recommended on the Pilot Paul site, they have to: 

  • Be an excellent company
  • Have competitive prices
  • Have great guarantee policies
  • Have first-rate travel accessories

The vendor that I recommend for the sleep masks gives all customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They state, “If for any reason, at any time, you are not completely happy with any purchase, let us know. We’ll make it right or cheerfully refund the full purchase price of the product”. 

Their web site also lets the customers leave product reviews. This gives you an opinion from someone else who bought the produce. You can’t get that while shopping at a store. 

If you buy something from them and you don’t like it, not only will they “make it right” for you, but you’ll be able to leave a product review.

Some of the sleep masks I’m recommending are hard to find, and this one company actually carries all three. 


“Here’s Your Sleep Mask Review!”

  1. Nylon Sleep Masks. This is the most basic eye mask. They are the least expensive (around $4). This nylon sleep mask is comfortable and does a good job. 

Compared to having no sleep mask at all, this is a bargain for $4.

For a good nylon sleep mask from a great store, click here on Nylon Sleep Mask.

  1. Fleece Sleep Mask. A fleece eye mask is the most comfortable of all the eye shades. I’ve had one of these for years. 

Fleece eye shades will give your face a warm, fuzzy feeling. 

You’ll spend a little more (an additional $6) for a fleece eye mask than a nylon one, but I think it is worth the difference.

I’ve found a fleece eye mask that is contoured and molded to keep the mask away from your eyelids and lashes. If a person finds eye shades uncomfortable, it’s usually because they don’t like the mask touching their lids or lashes. They’ve addressed that problem with this one.

The positive reviews on the merchant’s web site are from people who use this particular mask every night.

To see an excellent fleece eye mask from a great vendor, click here on Fleece Eye Mask.

  1. Foam Sleep Mask. Until recently, my fleece eye mask was my favorite. That was until I discovered this foam type. 

I flew with another pilot who had a foam eye mask and he raved about it. 

While a fleece eye mask is the most comfortable, the beauty of foam eye shades is that they give a total black-out. And, you can experience this total black out even with your eyes open.

The fact that you can totally open your eyes while wearing a foam eye mask is truly wonderful. There are large indentations in the eye area so you there isn’t any contact with your eye lids or lashes.

The one thing that I didn’t like initially about my foam eye shades was that for my large head (hat size 7 and 3/4), the elastic headband was too tight. I had to stretch it out so it wasn’t so snug. This likely won’t be a problem for people with smaller hat sizes.

A foam eye mask costs about $3 more than a fleece one. But they do throw in two bonuses: foam ear plugs and some aromatherapy lotion.

These foam eye shades are hard to find. I shopped for three months before I found one, but you can get one by just clicking here on Foam Eye Shades. Unfortunately, the foam mask is temporarily unavailable. I will try to find another vendor who sells them and let you know. But…

I have found one that has all the same great features of the foam one: total blackout, plus the ability to open your eyes while wearing it. 

That feature is important because when you go through REM sleep cycles, your eyes often move quite a bit. This mask, with room to open and move your eyes helps you sleep better through the REM stages.

Here’s where you can get it:

  1. Silk Sleep Mask And More.

Treat yourself to luxurious comfort with an Airline Comfort Set. This gives your own silk blanket, pillowcase, and eye shades. They fit into a 12″ bag and weigh less than a pound. 

You can also use this for comfort on car, bus or train trips.