5 Top College Basketball Teams to Watch in 2023

5 Top College Basketball Teams to Watch in 2023

College basketball is on the rise. By reading this guide, you can quickly learn about the top 5 college basketball teams that are worth watching in 2023. These teams aren’t just entertaining – they also have a wide range of players with plenty of potential to make it to the NBA.

What is College Basketball?

College basketball is basketball played between teams from different colleges and universities in America. Despite not being as popular as the NBA, millions of people still watch college basketball games every year. Plus, most college basketball games get attendances in the 15,000 to 20,000 range, which is pretty impressive when you consider it’s only at college-level.

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Who Are the Best College Basketball Teams?

The top 5 basketball teams to watch in 2023 are:

1.   Iona

The Iona Gaels are the ones to watch in the 2nd half of the 2022-23 season. So far, Iona is averaging a staggering 90 points a game, making them the highest scoring college basketball team in the country.

What makes Iona so attractive to watch is their fast-paced style. They progress the ball up the court incredibly quickly; looking to get as many 2-pointers and 3-pointers as they possible can. If you enjoy non-stop passing and forward movements, then Iona is the team to watch in the NCAA.

2.   UC Santa Barbara

UC Santa Barbara have a great team of youngsters. Arguably, the best of the bunch is Amadou Sow, who recently tied his season-high points tally of 22 back in November.

Thanks to their high-flying youngsters, UC Santa Barbara are currently sitting at the top of the Big West conference, with an 11-2 win-loss record.

3.   Kentucky

Kentucky recently fell out of the AP top 25 college basketball team ranking. However, despite this, they’re still an incredibly exciting team to watch in 2023. With freshmen Anthony Davis and Marquis Teague in the team, the future is looking bright for Kentucky. Not to mention, they could be looking at several first-round NBA draft picks if their players continue to perform well.

4.   UConn

So far, UConn are having a great 2022-23 season, even though they are having to deal with the absence of Kemba Walker. When you watch UConn, you’ll notice that they do a lot of outside shooting and like to drive at defenders. From fast offense to solid defense, UConn has it all.

5.   Houston Cougars

Fifth (and finally), there’s the Houston Cougars.

Veteran coach Kelvin Sampson is looking to progress his team forward this season by continuing his focus on deep frontcourt players with plenty of rotation. With the addition of Darius Bowser (standing at 6-foot-9) to the team back in August, it was clear that Kelvin wanted to add some extra firepower and strength going forward. It seems to be working so far, as they have 14 wins and just a single loss.